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Evidence of wrong relationship 2019 – Part 9

By Solomon Ojigiri
15 September 2019   |   4:08 am
When you find out that you are in a relationship with someone who seems to be obsessed by love or you noticed that you have hot love for the person, it can be a sign of wrong relationship.

Solomon Ojigiri

Hot love or obsession:
When you find out that you are in a relationship with someone who seems to be obsessed by love or you noticed that you have hot love for the person, it can be a sign of wrong relationship. Although love is critically important but not love that is extreme. You have a hot love or obsession when you are so much in love with someone that you are almost losing your mind. You become absent minded, you can hardly concentrate on anything or do anything meaningful with your life and your time, the love has got negative effect on you and what you do because you do not have the ability to concentrate on what you are doing.

You have become so passionate about the person, so much that you have no regard for anybody’s view or opinion no matter how authentic their words may be. You can no longer respect the counsel of the people you used to respect prior this time. You are ready to disobey your parents, guardians or even your pastor. That is not true love but obsession. Sometimes people who are affected by hot love or obsession are blind folded to the character flaws of their so-called partner, they see the person they are in the relationship with as hundred percent perfect no matter how mean, callous or ill-mannered they may be. Sometimes they choose to elope with their so-called “lover” if they sense that some people are against their relationship. They are usually ready to insult or separate from anyone that opposes them or anyone telling them the truth. They are not afraid to hurt anybody just for them to have their way. Love is good, love is of God but hot love or obsession is love without balance or love without the use of your brain or mind. It is love without reasoning.

Phil. 4:5 says, we should let our moderation be known to all men. God is against imbalance. Hot love or obsession does not allow you to relate healthily with others. It will also cause you to be suspicious of anyone you see around your man or woman. Obsession will not allow you to trust your partner. Hot love will make you over protect your partner, it also makes you to feel that everyone is in love with your partner. Hot love or obsession may not allow you concentrate on your lectures if you are still a student or your work if you are already working. Hot love or obsession will make you do things that are unreasonable, unwise, unrealistic and unnecessary. Sometimes people with hot love can even enter into blood covenant, cut their fingers and lick their blood in covenant. Hot love or obsession can push you into cohabitation without marriage. Hot love or obsession will make you endure the man’s beating or the lady’s maltreatment, while you’re still in courtship. Hot love or obsession is terribly bad and it happens when the party involved has problem with low self-esteem or feels that he/she is too privileged to get such a wonderful man or a lady for a partner. Hot love or obsession has made some women to pour hot water on their husband’s sisters unknowingly, because they were too jealous to see any member of the opposite sex around their partner.

Relationship with someone you are just enduring but giving impression that you are enjoying it.

When you find yourself in a relationship with someone you are not completely happy with but you are giving the impression to the person that all is well and that you are enjoying the relationship, then you are in a wrong relationship. There are many people in courtship that are facing serious challenges, they are always fighting, they live in disagreement, confusion they are tired and bored about the whole thing, but the problem is that they find it difficult to disclose to their partner, their friend or even trusted counselors.

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