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Evidence of wrong relationship – Part 7


Relationship Rushed Into Without Adequate Thinking: God does not want us to be in haste. It is true that our generation is a hasty generation. We are always in haste.

Some have described this generation as a microwave oven generation, because we live in the computer age or jet age, where people are not ready to wait or exercise any form of patience.

Marriage or any relationship at all, particularly courtship that ought to metamorphose into marriage, must not be rushed into.


It is rushing and indeed hasty, when we decide to go into courtship with someone without proper thinking or adequate reasoning.

It is not a sin to think; even the Almighty God says, “Come and let us reason together.” We are in too much haste, when we cannot take out time to think very well and make proper investigation before we make a choice.

God is not against reasoning. When some people tell you how they made a choice of who to marry, you cannot but be amazed that they did not reason or think.

How can someone be asking if a man, who has slapped her more than five times, while in courtship is still the will of God for her life? Such a person does not need a prophet to know she will become a punching bag, if she sheepishly goes to the altar with such a heartless man. You will not marry a wife beater, if you are sensitive enough.

Many close their eyes to obvious danger signals as if they do not matter because to them love is blind. God’s kind of love is not blind.

God is love and God is not blind. True love is very sensitive to danger signals. You need to think very well, you need to analyse the things you have heard and known about the person and make proper findings and investigations. You must not deceive yourself in any way.

The daughters of Zelophehad in the Bible (Numbers 36:6) were not permitted by God to marry just anyone but whom they think best. God has given us brain to reason. Your thinking faculty must not be on break. It is not enough to pray. The Bible says watch and pray, so you need to watch or think properly before you make a choice.

• Relationship Entered Into Because Of Prophecies:

There are so many misconceptions in our days as to the role of the prophets. There is so much difference between operations of prophets in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, only very few people had the spirit of God coming upon them intermittently. They operated as seers, people go to them when they were troubled or confused and they gave direction to people as led by God. However, in the New Testament, every child of God has the spirit of God. That is why the Bible says in Romans 8:14 “for as many that are led by the spirit of God are sons of God.”


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