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Experiencing God’s presence – Part 2



The Prophet Isaiah had been serving the Lord and ministering, when God decided he was to be given a new commission with a wider scope. But before he could be given that new assignment, there was a revelation of the Lord’s presence to him. Likewise, in whatever capacity you might have served the Lord in the past, the Lord wants to give you a new commission. But such divine revelations can only be received on the knees through prayers, not from the news media.

When Isaiah saw the divine revelation, he saw how unqualified and insufficient he was before the Almighty God. Similarly, when any believer has the perception of the divine presence, he might see his corruption, defilement, shortcomings and insufficiency, but that is not to drive him away from the Lord. That the Lord is so holy and the individual unholy, and the Lord so high and the person so low, should not drive the believer away from the Lord. Rather, the more he sees of God’s glory and honour, the more he should come to Him for purification that comes by the fire of His presence. It is only after the purging and purification, that he can then, like Isaiah, respond: “Here am I; send me.”

The Lord’s presence leads to purging because it will reveal the believer’s true spiritual state and his dire need for true righteousness and holiness. It is when he comes into the divine presence that he can pray sincerely like Job: “Surely it is meet to be said unto God, I have borne chastisement, I will not offend any more: That which I see not teach thou me: if I have done iniquity, I will do no more.” And like King Asa, the person would then take courage and put away every sin and go for God’s purging. As he obeys the Lord, the Lord will “suddenly come to his temple”.

Whenever any believer is confronted with certain assignments that make him feel inadequate, unqualified or insufficient as to ask, “Who am I, that I should” do this or that, he should not be afraid. What he needs is the Lord’s presence. The purpose of the divine presence is to get people out of bondage. This is why the believer should avoid comparing himself with any other person. God is sending the believer to the people to say what He had told us to say.

We are not only to preach, we are also to disciple the converts in every nation. We are to Disciple A Whole Nation (DAWN) in this generation. This age is a new dawn of evangelisation. Therefore, we must (i) Demonstrate A Watchman’s Nature. (ii) Develop A Witnessing Network. (iii) Detest All Wilful Negligence. (iv) Discover A Waiting Neighbourhood. (v) Disregard All Worrisome News. (iv) Double A Written Number. (vii) Declare Apostolic Words Nationwide. The Lord’s presence will go with us, and He will help us.

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