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Faithfulness to God


J. A. Shodeinde<br />

Faithfulness hinges on what we value most, combined with commitment. There is a powerful tendency for humans to remain very faithful to what they believe is highly important. It could be friendship, family name, spouse, employer and many more. Jesus asked Peter three times in John 21:15-17 if he loved Him. Jesus wanted to be more important than anything in Peter’s life.

Taking into account Peter’s weighty responsibility, he was expected to be faithful to Jesus with the staunchest commitment, by recognising Jesus as the most important in his entire life. The meaning is clear. Jesus must be loved supremely. Nothing must be loved than Him in our lives. If we love Jesus above everything, we should be eager to give up all our earthly possessions, forsake our earthly friends, our carnal heart desires, and always obey Him above all, to become faithful to Him. Abiding with the laid down God’s course is hard, amid this world’s beguiling distractions, clamouring for our attention and time.


To human nature, the world is attractive, and charges man to expend his energy in self-satisfaction. According to Jesus, the way is very difficult and narrow, and it requires discipline and a great deal of vision to be faithful to the Lord’s course. The Saints who hold God in the highest esteem will have the opportunity to make heaven in the end. That’s why we are enjoined to be faithful. 

Abraham was faithful to God by obeying His words. He never flickered in believing God’s promise. His faith grew stronger indeed and brought glory to the Almighty God. He was highly convinced that God is capable of doing all He had promised. Daniel was faithful to God. God made him a governor in the land of slavery. His enemies rose against him, but God granted him victory.


In Daniel 3, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were fully persuaded. Nothing was able to make them bow to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. The thought of punishment, threats and consequences did not make them succumb or give in. They had the assurance of God’s promises and had faith in obeying God. 

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s attitude must be emulated by real children of God. An attitude that makes you believe God will always come to your rescue, and even if He doesn’t, you will never bow to Satan. 

God may not debar your enemies from throwing you into the fire, but He will surely save you from being hurt or burnt. When life throws you into the Fire of diabetes, cancer, sickness, financial instability, divorce and many more, the Lord is saying, you will never be burned because Jesus is with you in the fire. All you need is to remain focused on God and be faithful to Him.


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