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Flee from destiny killers


The warning of spiritual and physical chastity is for all who care to enjoy God’s presence and make heaven. One of the secrets many do not understand is that the devil hunt for precious destinies to destroy at will. Devil knows he has no future to protect any longer because he had lost it all. Therefore, he is determined to waste destinies with the sin of immorality. Amnon was snatched away by the devil the very day he slept with his sister, Tamar. His death was originally concluded on that bed of immorality before it was physically executed by Absalom. Out of spiritual ignorance, many cast blames on Absalom as the one who killed Amnon, not knowing that his death was determined when he committed incest with his sister. He lost everything at that point and was rendered useless; he was only good for the grave and hell.

People are flagrantly careless because they don’t know why they are on earth. Anybody that craves strange flesh may have traded with his/her destiny and is close to his grave. Such a man/woman lacks understanding and needs repentance.

There are many ugly elements that destroy destiny. They are as follows: unholy ambition (Isaiah 14:12; Ezekiel 28:12). This was the problem of Lucifer, the bright and morning star. Lucifer was perfect in beauty at creation. He represented the glory of God, until he fell into unholy ambition to make himself like the Most High God. The Devil would have had a wonderful future with God but for his ambition, and he lost everything. Lust of the eyes is another enemy that contend with destinies: (Gen. 13:9-13; 34:1-2, 24-27). Naturally, the eyes God created are good, but what man feeds them with will determine how far the individual will go in life. 

The case of Lot is quite instructive. He lost his future because of lust of the eyes. Dinah lost her virginity because she embarked on a careless journey of sight seeing. Her carelessness brought calamity and doom to her entire family.

The bed of immorality destroyed Reuben. He was cursed because he defiled his father’s bed. What a shameful life! His beauty became ashes! Reuben’s foolishness cost him his headship. His generation went down the drain in the history of the children of Israel.

Hunger is another destiny killer. Esau lost his birthright for a mere pot of pottage. If caution is thrown to the wind at the time of hunger, eternal mistake is inevitable. Esau sought God’s Face in prayer, when he traded with his birthright, but heaven was shut against him. Watch your appetite in times of needs; be careful of what you allow at such a critical time! Many destinies have been destroyed because of hunger. Any rash decision taken out of desperation, especially in times of want does not end well.

Ungodly friendship is another danger that must be avoided. Jonadab was a bad influence on Amnon. He destroyed Amnon through his ungodly counsel that truncated his future and sent him to hell fire. This sends a strong warning to undergraduates in tertiary institutions that join cult groups. The danger is that their days are numbered, if they fail to repent and come to Jesus Christ. Many of these students have died and destroyed their future during initiation and other cult activities.

Every man must give account of his destiny unto God. Therefore, guard your destiny jealously and run away from evil like Joseph. For further reading: Gen. 49:5,7; 35:22; 49:3-4; 25:29; Heb. 12: 16-17; James 3:15; Proverbs 31: 1-6; Gen. 13:9-13; 34:1-2, 24-27

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