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Freedom from evil soul ties


James O. James

Text: 1 Corinthians 6:16
A soul tie is a conscious or unconscious covenant between two persons, whether living or dead that binds their souls together. Where there is a soul tie, the destinies of the two individuals are interwoven.
Types of Soul Ties
• That between two persons who are alive.
• That between a person who is living and someone who is dead
• That between a living soul and a demon. In this case, the demons claim ownership of the person.

How evil soul ties are established:
• Sex – sex is actually a type of “blood covenant” between two people, which is why it is important to abstain from indiscriminate sex. Also, if a man jilts a woman, especially after having sex with her and such a woman curses the man, it will stand because there is a soul tie.
• Blood covenants
• When two persons in love cut their flesh and mix their blood together, pledging loyalty to each other for life. If for any reason they separate, they will have difficulties in life except the covenant is revoked or broken.
• Incisions and tattoos. In Leviticus 19:28, God forbade His people to have incisions or tattoos on their bodies. This is because incisions open doors for demonic soul ties and evil dedication.
• Blood initiations – It is common nowadays for students who belong to cults in schools to engage in blood initiation. They take a blood oath by drinking each other’s blood and this very act ties them together.
• Unholy Crush – when you have a crush on someone of the opposite sex and you do not deal with it, it can lead to a soul tie covenant.
• Naming children after dead relatives – In Nigeria, it is common to name a child born after the death of one’s parents as “Babatunde” or “Iyabo”. This automatically ties the soul of the innocent child to that of the grandparents.
• Jokingly calling someone “my wife” or “my husband”. It is important to state that in the realm of the spirit, nothing is a joke. Every action has serious spiritual implications whether we know it or not.
• Child marriages: In some communities in Nigeria, if a child is very sick and taken to a native doctor, some will say the child will get well if married to an older man. When the man dies before the child attains puberty and the child marries someone else, there can be problems.
• Sharing personal items – sharing clothes, combs, towels and other personal effects.
• Having an amorous relationship with a close relative. Any form of incest leads to serious evil soul ties

• Delay in marriage
• Rise and fall
• Chronic poverty
• Inexplicable tragedies/ accidents
• Closed heavens or lack of favour
• Life patterned after the other person – what happened to the person will also happen to you.
• Stagnation/backwardness
• Failure in life
• Untimely death

• Repent from all past acts of sexual immorality and idolatry
• Seek forgiveness from those former partners you have hurt if possible.
• Use the blood of Jesus to annul and cancel every known and unknown soul tie
• Dedicate your spirit, soul and body to the Lord Jesus Christ
• Strive to live a holy life.

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