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Going the extra mile for your God


Christians of contemporary time like easy life. They do not have the desire to go the extra mile with Jesus Christ in righteousness and holiness. Going extra mile with Jesus entails among other things, living a sinless and spotless life. Anybody that calls himself a Christian but confesses sin on a daily basis cannot go the extra mile with Jesus.

Paul the Apostle stood out as a coach and mentor to all believers. Paul went extra mile for Jesus. He never considered his previous exploits and achievements as sufficient for the Kingdom of God. He pressed forward towards the mark of high calling. He jeopardised his life for the sake of the gospel. Until believers attain this level of complete abandonment to Christ, it will be difficult to go the extra mile for Christ.

This uncommon decision will cost something. It will cost time, conveniences and resources. Going the extra mile for Jesus is expensive and involves denial of legitimate rights. Paul was a warrior; he shook the whole Asia Continent and Europe. Not even the worshippers of the great goddess Diana of Ephesus could stop him. He worked more than those that came to Christ before him. He had fourteen epistles to his credit. Despite these exploits, he still pressed forward for more services for the Lord. Paul’s resolve was absolute, undaunted and exemplary for all believers. 


It takes determination and ruggedness to stand for Jesus in all facets of life. A weak and feeble Christian cannot walk this pathway of focus. There must be a firm persuasion and inner resolve to go the extra mile for Jesus. We, as Christians, must strive to make mark for God. 

The call to believers is to press forward in service to the Lord. The Lord wants us to break limit. The exploit of Paul, Elijah, Moses, e.t.c, are not our limit. In fact, these men are examples to inspire Christians and not pattern to limit our dreams and exploits for Jesus.

A child of God has so much untapped resources inside of him. The investment of God in us should not be wasted without using them to profit the world. We are the image of God and as such, must exhibit the full character of God in action. Let’s look out for fallow ground to cultivate. It is time to harvest the ripen souls in the world. Sinners die on a daily basis without Christ. Get set and do something for the Lord.

Christians need to buckle up and do great exploits for the Lord. There are songs that have not been sung. It is quite unfortunate that there is no inspiring Christian music today, because no one is ready to pay the price and go the extra mile to get inspired songs from the Lord.

Today is a great day. Get up and do something for the Lord.For further reading: Acts 17:16; Phil. 1:21; Acts 19:24-35; Phil. 3:7-10; Gal. 2:11; Phil.3: 14; Romans 13:11-12
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