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Hair dressing




Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. And to remain beautiful, cherished and wanted, the head must not be ignored. Perhaps, it is for this reason that many ladies spend long hours at the salon, setting and making their hair.

Apart from covering the human skull, the hair has for generations been used as a medium of expression, telling one’s personality and social status. The youths, including students, confirm this by wearing different hairdos of their role models, favourite music icons and, sometimes, lecturers. These youths are seen in various tertiary institutions showing off these styles.

Has it ever occurred to you that dressing fellow students in these different hairdos could be another rewarding venture to embark on while on campus? Imagine the several thousands of Naira these students give to non-students around their campuses on daily or weekly basis to plait, set or retouch their hair for them. Some of this percentage could be yours if you venture into this enterprise.

Hairdressing, which includes haircut, plaiting, perming, retouching and others that could make the beholder look good can be carried out at a small-scale. It does not need a big shop; in fact, a makeshift one with electricity would be enough to start-up the business.

Another thing about hairdressing is that it allows for teamwork because of the volume of work involved. No single person can effectively do all job? You cannot be the stylist and at the same time be the barber, which means one has to engage good hands to excel. This instills team spirit in those coming together. If you are the stylist, you need at least two more persons to hasten the job. These hands could be sustained by either placing them on commission or by sharing profit based on level of investment. Here, one can partner with fellow students to create the pool.

You can also up the game by going into the hostels to set and cut hairs. This may sound funny, but do you know that there are students that cannot properly shave on their own? Taking your service to the comfort of their hostel would be a welcomed relief, which will attract good rewards too.

You may say some people have their personal barbing kits and might not need to go to the general salon, but do you know that even with these kits, these students cannot give themselves their choice style. So do no be deterred by what people may think, move ahead and explore the opportunities.

Another, important thing is that the tools could be got locally and cheap too. With N8, 000 to N15, 000 one can get a quality electric clipper and other tools that would make the business simple and easy.

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