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Are you skilled at fixing basic things like water pipes, broken pipes, windows, cell phones, stoves, cooking gas and other home appliances? If you are; then do not hide this skill, as it could earn you some money as a student.

Some students, before gaining admission into tertiary institutions had at a point been involved in basic repair works, either as a journeyman or apprentice, but had to abandon the trade immediately they became students. This perhaps, could be because they are studying something different or a course not related to their former trade. If you are in this situation, then know you are doing yourself and your school community some disservice by hiding what you know how to do. So, wake up from your slumber and begin to put those fingers to use again.

Begin by using your free time to help fellow students fix their damaged items. This could be cell phones, computers, electronics or even electrical or gas appliances; the list is endless, depending on what you can do. Let people around you know you can handle small repair jobs and you will be surprised at how much they would be willing to pay you to fix for them.

There is no law under the sun that says you cannot combine your previous skills with what you are studying now to make some money; besides, who said you can only make money based on your course. Look out there and you will find hundreds of thousands of university graduates, who are making money from their passion; leveraging on something not in anyway related to what they studied.

So, go ahead and break the silence; get up and announce yourself. You can extend your operations outside the campus; in fact, the market is huge, especially now that there is no money to waste on frivolity. People, including students, would be glad to see someone repair at a minimal cost those items they had wanted to throw away.

You may not believe this, but it is as real as nature that in some rural communities, it is difficult to find someone to fix basic homes appliances when they go bad. The situation is so bad that the people would rather discard such items or take them to the nearest cities, where they would be fixed. If your campus is in such a community, then know you have hit gold mine. Let the people know what you are good at and begin to make some wads.

There may not be any need to hire a shop, for all that need to be done is circulate your contact, give details to those that may want to see you and know your schedules. But if the school authorities would not permit strangers to come into the hostel or campus or allow students run repair shops in the school, then you can consider hiring space outside.

If you can handle the success that follows such ventures, then you could beon your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Remember, success does come by mere sitting at a location to daydream; success comes by putting your positive dream to work.

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