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How self-image shapes behaviour, decisions, by Adeyemi


Those who allow other people’s opinion to determine their self-esteem have been admonished to have a rethink. This counsel came from the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Dr. Sam Adeyemi.

Speaking on TVC television channel, last Sunday, on the theme: ‘Building Your Self-esteem,” Adeyemi disclosed that people have damaged their self-esteem and their future, simply because they listened to what others say about their birth or physical appearances. But people should be careful, as their self-image could make or mar their behaviour and decisions in life. He noted that a man or woman’s real value is never in the physical body, as what God says about an individual is what matters.


Citing what happened in the Garden of Eden between Satan and Eve, Adeyemi said Satan brainwashed the first woman, by declaring that if they eat the fruit from the tree of life, they would ultimately become like God. According to him, Satan concocted a lie and sold it to them by contradicting what God originally told Adam and Eve pertaining to the tree in the Garden of Eden.

He also buttressed his point with the story of Jesus, asking His disciples, ‘Who do men say, I am?’ He said Jesus was surprised that His disciples could describe Him as one of the prophets, except Peter, who accurately described Jesus’ nature and personality.

He said: “Some people depend on others to get an accurate impression of who they are. This has a dangerous effect on an individual’s self-image. For instance, if the mirror is cracked, the image of you that will be reflected in the mirror will be broken, and many of us are getting information from broken sources. It is risky to build the image of who you are, based on the perception of other people. The real you can never be cursed. Therefore, stop listening to the wrong people who have been defining us through broken mirrors. Sometimes, your parents don’t even know who you are. Your friends don’t know who you are…”.


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