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I am not a failure


Text: 1 Peter 2: 9.
No child of God is created to be a failure. Unguided confession among some believers brought about the predicaments they found themselves in today. The church of Christ is peculiar and special in God’s sight. God never created a failure at creation, but man has chosen to be a failure.

The purpose why man is created is to showcase God’s glory. The glory of God is perfect in all its ramifications. ‘A chosen generation,’ as used in the Bible, denotes that Christians are the choice of a Deity for a special purpose on earth. Unfortunately, some preachers twisted and distorted this fact and erroneously taught men otherwise. As a choice of a Deity, no man has the power whatsoever to touch a child of God. It is anomaly for any child of God to be hurt by powers of darkness; otherwise, something is inevitably wrong with such a believer.

Christians are Deity’s agents in this generation. This implies that they are imminently representatives of God and therefore, innocuous from any harm from man or powers of darkness. Misinformation and lack of knowledge is one of the problems of some Christians. They do not have a firm grip of the scriptures, hence, their shallow understanding of who they are in God’s programmes and plans.


By sheer ignorance and bad choice, some Christians glory in poverty and think that is the way of life. If the streets of Heaven are made of gold, it evidently shows what our status, as Christians, should be on earth!

Believers are royal priesthood. This means they are representatives of a Divine Being on earth. The world longs to see the evidence of God’s glory among believers. Evangelism is all about marketing Jesus Christ to the world, and if a marketer of Christ does not represent Him in glory, righteousness and wealth, there is a problem. The message will not be accepted by the world.

Some believers market Jesus Christ in a bad light. They wear worldly clothes that expose their nakedness and delicate parts of their bodies. Christ cannot be represented in that manner! Our appearance and dressing should showcase God’s glory and beauty and nothing less.

Christians are dedicated people. They are God’s property (Amos 2:11). The entire life of a believer belongs to God and as such, nobody has the right to destroy it with corrupt practices. Unfortunately, some Christians sell themselves to the devil like Samson did. They are not conscious of the fact that they are God’s property. They are as careless as Samson, who lost his glory, future and life on the lap of a harlot, Delila.

The Delila of this world is out to cause total failure in the lives of careless believers. She has stolen secret codes of success from many. They are not as wise as Joseph. Joseph was a careful young man; he decided to rather leave his clothes behind with Potiphar’s wife in order to safeguard his secret code of success and it paid off!


Samson sold out his secret code and he paid for it. His journey to success nosedived! He ended up in a shameful way before the enemies of God. This is the aftermath of sin. Sin attracts failure and loss of glory. It makes believers bereft of their secret code of success. Samson found himself in this state of quagmire! He lost his secret code of success! His soul was pierced through in pains; his eyes were lost; he danced shamefully before the glaring eyes of the Philistines, the enemies of God. Samson, who was supposed to be a deliverer of a nation, turned a failure and disappointment to his generation.

Don’t remain a failure in life! Shake off the dust of failure and march forward to success.

For further reading: Exo.19: 5-6; Deut. 7:6; Rev. 5:10; Amos 2:11; Judges 16:4-21; Gen. 39:7-20; Matt. 4:8-9; Judges 16:21; Heb. 12:16-17.

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