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I refuse to expire – Part 3

By John Okene
23 January 2022   |   2:22 am
When a product attains expiration, it will no longer be fit for consumption, but to be cast away. In the same vein when a man expires, no one identifies with him, he becomes invalid.


When a product attains expiration, it will no longer be fit for consumption, but to be cast away. In the same vein when a man expires, no one identifies with him, he becomes invalid. The man in our bible text was sick for 38 years and when Jesus met him, his first cry was: “I have no man.” He was paralyzed. The enemy can release afflictions and problems into the life of a man, making him unable to do what he used to do. It can make some people even look older than their ages.

In Nahum 1:9, God says: “He will make a total end of all afflictions in your life and never again will you experience it.” A man had migraine for 10 years and in search of a solution, he was told to buy 50 razor blades, break them in pieces and begin to chew them. He did all this and with incisions made on his shaven head, there was no solution. Unknown to me, he was invited to one of our services where God told me that He had healed someone with a migraine. This young man fell under anointing and after the service he went home. By our next service, he shared his testimony of divine healing. I pray for you, every evil arrow of affliction fired into you is coming out today in Jesus’ name.

Another thing that can make a man invalid is Demonic Possession or Oppression. In Mk. 5:1-10, we see a man ordained to be a great evangelist tied down by a legion of demons. In the Roman army, a legion represents about 3,000 to 6,000 soldiers. Imagine this number of demons inside just one man, this tells us that there is accommodation problem in the spirit realm. Demons are looking for where to lodge, so, you must be careful how you live your life and where you enter.

We were conducting deliverance for a lady some time ago and a voice spoke from inside her that they are many inside her and they won’t leave because she masturbates and, so, they are happy staying there.

Understand that, demons are disembodied entities looking for a bodily form to dwell and operate from. Be careful what you do. A little smoking, a little alcohol, a little immorality and the demons take over. There is a spirit behind every vice. Today, we have advanced gambling in the form of playing of pool — Naira bet, Bet naija — and all forms of quick money operation.

The mad man in Mark Chapter 5 was alive, yet non-existent; he expired, dwelling in the cemetery away from the living.

Finally, the evil altars of your father’s house can cause you to live a fake and expired life as we see in the case of Gideon. One of the signs to show that this is in operation is when you observe that the same experience you are having is happening to other family members. This could range from delayed marriages or child bearing, non-payment of dowry, non-achievement in life, hardship and fruitless struggling.

This is not normal; there is an idol power behind it. God told Gideon to pull down the altars of his father’s house and his trapped destiny was liberated. I decree to you, every evil altar making you live a fake life is scattered today and every evil pattern operating in your father’s house is broken in Jesus’ name.

For you to be validated; you need the new birth; this translates you from a slave to a son. Jn.1:12. Secondly, you need knowledge of your capacity and who God wants you to become Hosea 4:6, Isa. 5:13, Prov. 11:9. Thirdly, you must learn to cry to God in the place of prayer (Matt. 11:12).

There are demonic protocol officers in every family assigned to maintain negative patterns in the lives of people, but through prayers you can dislodge them and install angels to take charge. Prayer is an intercontinental ballistic missile used to scatter the kingdoms and powers of darkness irrespective of where you are operating from. In conclusion, you need a word from God to terminate sorrow from your life like Jesus said to the man: “Rise, take up thy bed and walk.”
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