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I refuse to expire

By John Okene
05 December 2021   |   2:42 am
Just as a product has a manufacturing and expiry dates, so also it is for man. Eccl. 3:1 says there is a time to be born and a time to die. It is possible, however, for a person to be alive and yet be expired

John Okene. Photo: YOUTUBE

Text: John 5:1-7

Just as a product has a manufacturing and expiry dates, so also it is for man. Eccl. 3:1 says there is a time to be born and a time to die. It is possible, however, for a person to be alive and yet be expired. The story from our Bible verse describes the man there as INVALID (NIV). Another word for invalid is “Fake” or “False” and so are some people living a false life today. They move about with a fake identity. They are not who they appear to be. Again, the word invalid can mean “Void” or “Non-existence.” Such a person is alive but just marking time. Thirdly, the word invalid can mean to Expire. It is an error for something to be considered expired, when it has actually not expired like in the case of this man. The identity of some people has been tampered with in the spirit realm, and this has deprived them of a lot of benefits in life. Imagine the angel assigned to deliver your blessings to you searching around with your true identity and yet cannot locate you because there is no resemblance between your present self and your original picture. The good news I have for you is that we have a validator in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the One that can make what is termed invalid to become genuine, just like in the renewal of expired documents.

The man in our story was living an expired life. He was invalid for 38 years out and it was like he was not existing. He achieved nothing during those years. He lived through these years in sickness, when he ought to be in sound health (3 Jn. 2). We see a similar case in Gen. 32:24, where Jacob lived a fake life as a supplanter, while his true identity was that of a Prince, until he had an encounter with God and the prince in him was delivered. “May you begin to manifest your true identity from this day in Jesus’ name.” Also, in Judges 6:12-14, Gideon who was ordained to be a great leader lived in fear and penury for so many years, until the evil altar of his father’s house that controlled his destiny was pulled down and his true identity was manifested. Understand that the content of a product is often different from the container. It is the content that gives value and so it is what matters most. Unfortunately, a lot of people are being deceived by the container. Jacob was the container, while Israel is the real content. “May God open up your container and bring out the real content in you this season in Jesus’ name.” You cannot afford to expire while still alive. This means nothing significant is happening in your life, you wake up, eat and you sleep; making no impact on anyone or anything. You are born to impact the world around you. This man was useless to himself and everyone. He stayed in one spot for 38 years. The enemies can waste the years of a man, causing him to be busy yet achieving nothing.

No job, no marriage, no children, no skills acquired, no legacy to be remembered for. When Jesus met the invalid man, he was angry because what he saw of him was not his true identity according to Gen. 1:27-28. God’s desire for us is to be productive and take charge. Today, many people are being controlled by what they ought to control, and worse still, they have nothing to show for their existence in life like this man. God is angry at your situation, today, and He wants to give you your true identity like He did to the invalid man. He knows how long you have been in this situation and without a helper. He knows how many times people have pushed you out of your seat of destiny to take your place. “Today, He will put you back on course and where you could not go or what you could not do for yourself before, you will begin to do it in Jesus’ name.”

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