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10 challenges facing our young people


Rev. Fr. John Damian

Our young people are facing a lot of challenges. They are the ones that are jobless, the ones that are trooping out of the country. Majority of them are involved in insurgencies. Some of them have joined occult and other pressure groups out of frustration. The best and only way to solve the problem of our society is to highlight and address some of the challenges facing the youths.

• Our Young People are becoming so Violent and Aggressive: Children are exposed to all kinds of violent movies, such as action movie and wrestling. Gradually, they are beginning to see violence and aggression as a way of life. Some parents buy toil guns to their children not knowing that indirectly they are initiating these children to the spirit of aggression and destruction of lives and properties. When these children grow up, consciously or unconsciously they try to play out what they have seen in movies.

• Our Young People are Feeling Insecure: Generally, our society has become an insecure place. It is a place where people are killed indiscriminately; a place where people are kidnapped, raped and robbed. As a result most of our young people are no longer feeling safe in their places of studies and work.


• Our Young People are Frustrated and Depressed: Unemployment and insecurity in the land has driven most of our youths into state of frustration and even depression. Such depression and frustrations can easily lead to mental disorder if proper care is not taken.

• Our Young people are Initiated into Occult: A good number of university and even secondary students are initiated into one occultic group or the other. Most of these cultists are the ones that are terrorising our society today.

• Our Young people are Drug addicts: Out of frustration, most of our young people have now resulted into drug addiction, smoking and difference forms of substances. This does not just make them to misbehave they also affect the health negatively.

• Our Young people are Traumatised: The popular News, which we are receiving on weekly basis has to do with violence, aggression with the destruction of lives and properties. As a result these, most of our youths are feeling traumatised. The sound of an ordinary knockout can cause heart break.

• Our Young People are sexually-abused: The more the society is encouraging and patronising pornographic materials the more are young people are exposed to all forms of sexual insecurity. Some of our young people are sexually-abused even at an early stage in life. While most of them are forced into commercial sex all because of money.

• Most of our Young people are feeling Rejected: Our young people are no longer feeling accepted in their homeland. Most of them are feeling rejected and that is why most of them are trooping out of the country.

• Our Young people are Homeless: The high cost of living, especially the cost of building materials has rendered most of our young people homeless. Some of our young people are sleeping under bridges while others are sleeping in market places and club halls.

• Our Young people are jobless and are not Carried along: Our elderly ones have refused to retire. They keep falsifying their age in order to retain their jobs whereas their children, especially graduates are roaming about without job. Those in power have refused to carry the youths along. They only use and dump them during and after elections.

The earlier we address these challenges the better. No amount of weapon or forces can solve the problem of insecurity in our country. Youth Rehabilitation and empowerment is the only way forward!

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