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21 strategies to overcome marital delay


Continued From Last Week

Your dressing can create unusual acceptance in the heart of others. Your dressing can make people repel you as well. We live in the days where many youths have no regard for what they put on. Some ladies move around in miniskirts, transparent dresses and dresses that reveals their shape and nakednessness. Such appearance can be counter productive and are capable of causing marital delay. As much as we need to be attractive we must not be seductive with our dressing. Modesty is key. We must also learn to use the right soap and cream that are most suitable for our skin, for example, if your body is oily it will be wrong for you to use oily soap. If you have a dry skin you can also use the soap that is most suitable. Keep your teeth neat, properly brushed at least twice daily, bath properly and possibly twice daily to avoid body odour. You may need to consult experts on the proper way to take care of your skin and your teeth.

Wash your clothes properly and iron them, your socks and under wears must be neat always, your armpit must not be unattended to, use collogne for your body and use deodorant for your armpit. Do not use your teeth to take care of your fingernails. Cut it low and keep it very neat. You must also do your best to remain smart and not sluggish because of excessive weight. You must exercise your body regularly. You don’t have to play soccer or fight wrestling or carry weight to do exercise. According to Hypocrates the father of medicine, the best exercise is trekking. Walk constantly and fastly and sweat the excess calories out. That you are skinny also does not mean you are healthy you need to exercise your body too.

Lastly, you must check what you eat because you are what you eat. You cannot afford to consume hydrogenated fats, sugar and pastries and still live healthy. Check your weight and most importantly your eating habit; take a lot of water daily, take a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. That will also help you to maintain a good look and fresh skin.


Above all, you must wear a good and beautiful smile always. Frowning of faces makes you look older than you really are and accelerates your aging process. You are not beautiful until you wear a beautiful smile.
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