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21 strategies to overcome marital delay


Solomon Ojigiri

Continued From Last Week

As a man, you need to know that no one will be interested in you, if you cannot feed the family and pay the bills. Even if you are a lady, no man is looking for a liability.

Many youths are merely living as parasites; depending on relations, parents or friends. It will interest you to note that I stopped depending on my parents from age 18. I started living alone, feeding and clothing and paying school fees by myself. Many are in their thirties, yet are still eating their parents’ food and because they do not have any shame, they still grumble and complain over the meat they put or did not put on top of their meals.


When will you stop blaming others for your predicament? When will you find something to do and stop depending on people? It is time to think of profitable things you can do now with your life, instead of loafing around with your certificates. Use your brain to create a future for yourself, get an idea and act on it. Idea rules the world; we live in a land of opportunities, to die, as a liability is an abuse of redemption; to die as a pauper is your personal choice. If you refuse to accept responsibility, you will die as a liability.

There are things you must fight, if you must be diligent. You must fight indiscipline, which leads to unnecessary visitation, watching television for several hours, careless talking or jesting and even too much sleeping (Prov 6:6-11). Stop wasting your precious time on Nollywood. You have to solve job problem before you think of marriage or else you will be in trouble. You need money to enhance your relationship, you need money to raise your family, and you need money to even get married. You cannot afford to have your parents pay for your wedding and feed you after the wedding, or else your wife will be a family wife and you will have your parents pushing you around. You must become a responsible man, step out and work, refuse to die as a liability because of your gender. Whatever your gender, you must fight idleness with hard work. No matter how old you may be, you are still unqualified for marriage, if you are not working. Certificate cannot purchase food or pay rent. Poverty will certainly be your companion, if you remain lazy. Poverty is always a faithful companion of the indolent. Never think of getting married without a sustainable job. You need money to cater for your family. That is why we say that there is no romance without finance. Stop loafing around, go and work.

The word of God says; “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand, but the hands of the diligent maketh rich” (Prov 10:4). You were not born to be poor, but if you are lazy you will remain poor. Laziness is an open invitation for poverty and lack. It is contrary to God’s word for a man to get married and depend solely on his wife for survival. It is not the woman’s duty to take on such responsibility. There are many guys today who are mere gold diggers, looking for “Career ladies” to parasite upon because they are not ready to work. Some ladies too are not careful in this regard. They are ready to marry “Just anyone,” when they become so desperate, but they usually regret it later.

God gave us hands so that we would not beg. You are to be envied and not to be pitied. Your life will not end up in mockery in Jesus name. (Get my book “You have all it takes to rise above your situation”. God has packaged inside of you the requisite gifts and talents enough to take care of you, your family and your destiny. It is time you begin to look inward before looking outward.

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