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21 strategies to overcome marital delay


Solomon Ojigiri

Thus far we have examined seven out of the 21 strategies to overcome marital delay and today we shall be looking at another very critical thing to do to position ourselves for the right partner. We must also have this at the back of our minds that nothing works until we decide to work it. There can be no change in our lives until we decide to change. We need to work on ourselves and become a better person if we must overcome any kind of delay in our lives. Today we are looking at the place of information or the need to study so as to overcome marital delay.

Be Studious
We live in the age of information. You cannot afford to be ignorant in a time like this. No one desires to move with an uninformed or an ignoramus person. An ignorant person is bound to suffer perpetual stagnation or delay. To be informed, therefore, is to be transformed; to be uninformed is to be deformed. I discovered that people love those who are informed, people who are exposed, intelligent and current. How can you be in the society and you are not even aware of what is going on around you. How will you contribute meaningfully to the society if you do not know what the society needs or if you do not know what is going on in the society. Even when your friends are discussing you will suddenly discover that you are outdated because you are not updating your knowledge. You must keep updating your knowledge if you do not want to become outdated.


Do your best to read all manner of information. Jim Rohn, an accomplished businessman and writer in America said there is nothing we need to know in this generation that we cannot get to know because there are uncountable number of books written in all fields wherein we can acquire those relevant information particularly with the internet. The scripture says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6). The word perish here does not mean to die. It simply means to be lost, to be destroyed or to be deprived of your rights. Isaiah 5:13 puts it better.

“Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge; and their honourable men are famished and their multitude dried up with thirst”

I heard someone said if you want to hide anything from a black man you have to put it inside a book, because he will not open it to read it. Every predicament of our lives explains the area where we are knowledge deficient. How can you be a successful businessman if you have not read any book on business? How can you be a good lawyer, or a good preacher or a good doctor if you do not have a good library and a good reading habit. God is tired with the mediocrity in the church. It is time we pursue excellence by updating our knowledge. If your knowledge is not updated you become outdated and when you are outdated you become irrelevant. It is not about the position you occupy it’s all about relevance.

How will you attract others into your life if they believe that you are not relevant? It’s your relevance that helps you to make necessary contributions to your relationship, the church and your nation. If you only do what you are asked to do you are not better than a robot or a computer. Please make it your daily goal to beat your yesterday’s record, do something you have never done, learn something you have not known, go to places that you have never been, it’s time to make impacts and be the salt and the light of the world that we are meant to be. Make it your goal to learn something new daily. Get more knowledge by reading on a daily basis. Do much more than you are required to do.
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Two years after you got married. Your spouse told you that he or she was informed when he or she was a single that medically she could not conceive or could not impregnate a lady. What will you do?
Rev. (Barrister) Solomon Ojigiri
Senior Pastor, Everwinning Faith Ministries Int’l
31, Oritse str. Off Obafemi Awolowo way, Balogun bus-stop, Ikeja. 08059203554.

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