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21 strategies to overcome marital delay – Part 1


Solomon Ojigiri

One of the prevalent problems among youths around the world today is that of late marriage. It has become a global phenomenon that gives, parents, pastors, relatives, church members and marriage counsellors serious concern. So many pastors and counsellors are already into matchmaking just to ameliorate this situation. It is very common today to see advertisements for spouse in the Newspapers, on the Internet and even on Television. Today, there are many websites singles visit in search of the bones of their bones and flesh of their flesh.

Many have resigned to fate after series of fruitless efforts and come to the conclusion that they can no longer get a man or a lady of their dreams. Many are so desperate and hopeless that they sometimes consider and even try to seduce married men. People are expected to get married between the age of 21 and 25, all other things being equal because of the responsibility of raising their children, while they are still in the earning stages of their lives. Unfortunately, today, many are getting married in their mid or late thirties, forties and sometimes at fifty.

The issue ought to be addressed because God is interested in every aspect of our lives. It is not God’s will that we suffer unnecessary delays. God wants us to break out and be free. Some may try to defend it that people get married at forty in Bible days, but getting married forty years was still very early for a man that lived for nine hundred or even five hundred years. But how can somebody marry at 40 and die at 120 or 80?


The reasons for this late marriage phenomenon are not farfetched: Some are caused by satanic manipulations, while others are self-inflicted and some due to ignorance. Sometimes, all we need is proper positioning of ourselves, so we can become findable. At times, all we need is requisite information. The fact is that marriage requires “Findings,” which is to say that getting a life partner of your choice requires wisdom, patience, prayers, searching, planning and becoming the kind of person God wants you to be.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord” (Pro 18:22). This means every man has the responsibility to find. You cannot find until you make findings. Not only on the part of the men, but women or ladies also need to find. According to proverbs 20 vs 6, “Most men will proclaim each his own goodness. But who can find a faithful man?” Besides, getting a man or lady of your dream demands that you take time to work on yourself. Charlie Shedd, a marriage counsellor of great repute said, “Marriage is not about getting the right partner, but you becoming the right partner.” There are things to do to overcome every form of marital delay and get a man or a lady of your dream. As you read this write up, I pray you will find answers to the questions of your heart, as the Lord opens your eyes to see what you need to do to overcome marital delays. Let me start by enumerating the 21 strategies.

• Do Not Waste Time Before You Quit A Wrong Relationship
Sometimes we may discover that we had made mistakes in our choices, no matter how careful or painstaking and prayerful we may be. Sometimes too, our mistakes are as a result of our anxieties, carelessness, prayerlessness, insensitivity and lack of regard for counsels. We do not need to crucify ourselves, when a mistake has been made. All we need to do is to pray, think and act fast to correct such mistakes. Sometimes we may discover along the line that we are in a wrong relationship.
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