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A day when everything changed



A DAY EVERYTHING CHANGED” is adapted from a CNN title given to the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and now Princess Meghan, on May 19. Indeed, things changed because the wedding was a display of love and the adoption of someone who was least qualified into the Royal family in Britain. And like one commentator said, “nothing prepared Meghan for the Royalty.” Royalty was thrust on her by destiny and through the love of Prince Harry.

Though no human analogy can best illustrate what Jesus did for humanity on the cross, we only use the analogy of this Royal wedding to illustrate a point. What happened on May 19, 2018 was a microcosm of what Jesus did for us on the cross; because of His love and sacrifice on the cross, we were adopted into the Royal Family of God. Believers all over are adopted children of God, translated from our earthly citizenship to a Heavenly citizenship. Just as Meghan did not qualify, and was not prepared for royalty, we were neither prepared nor qualified for adoption into the family of God. It was God’s grace that made us be adopted into His family.

Meghan Markle was the only daughter of a biracial marriage between Thomas Meghan and Doris Loyce Ragland, a marriage that lasted for about six years. So, Meghan grew under the nurture of a single parent. Like most children from biracial marriages, she suffered discrimination and racism while growing up. These social antecedents prepared her for the future role she is now set to play.


Meghan was not the only lady who crossed the path of Prince Harry. There were other ladies who did. But love for Meghan made Harry to choose her as a wife and the Queen readily accepted her.

The wedding itself was very unique. It was a display of love, inclusiveness and diversity. The invitees were not political figures, but celebrities drawn from the field of sports and entertainment. The disabled of the society, the victims of the Manchester bomb blast and representatives from various Charities were not left out. It brought together whites and blacks. The first African American Bishop of the Episcopal Church of America, Michael Curry gave the sermon at the wedding. A black Gospel choir from the United States led by Karen Gibson sang during the church service and a 19-year-old cellist, Sheku Kanne-Mason played the violin during the signing of the marriage register. All these were unique innovations that added glamour to the Royal wedding.

Undoubtedly, Meghan’s arrival into the Royal Family would change a lot of things about her and the British Royal family. It has changed the public perception of the Royal family; it changed the reputation of Meghan and Harry. At least for now, they both bear a new title, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Meghan’s citizenship has changed from an American citizen to a British citizen.

If anyone had told Meghan she would end up where she is presently, she would have doubted it. In a similar vein, who would have told us that we are the seed of Royalty? But because of Jesus we now belong to a greater Royalty, we are citizens of the heavenly kingdom. William Shakespeare said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, others have greatness thrust on them.” Destiny thrust greatness on Meghan. Meghan’s destiny changed forever on May 19. But long before that, Calvary changed our destiny, when Jesus adopted us into the family of God. Contact:

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