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A new wave of revival is coming – Part 2


Austen C. Ukachi

On October 1, 2018, during a one-day National Prophetic Worship session in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, held by the Wailing Women, the following prophecy was given concerning the future of revival.

“The Church in Nigeria rise and shine, march forward. I have broken the gates of brass, and cut the bars of iron asunder. Nigerian Church Rise! I do not require ‘fire on the mountain’ from you. Continue, go forth in this thy might. Nigerian Church, I want to spark up revival. I am decorating you afresh and removing every garment that is stained and soiled. Nigeria arise, buckle your shoes, put on your shoes in readiness and preparedness to go. Your shame has been removed and your calamity taken away. In place of disgrace, I will give them grace. Nigeria, I love you.”

The most recent prophecy was posted on 20th December 2019. It was given by Sadhu Selvaraj Sundar, an India also about the pending revival. He writes:


“A change is coming, so get ready to put on new shoes. Cast away your old thinking, cast away the old wineskin that you may be ready for the new wineskin, …Put your house in order, cast out everything that defiles, remove it far from your midst for the Glory of God will not come in the midst of impurity and uncleanness. Humble yourself, seek the face of the living God, for He is going to come like a Lion and He will send the former rain and the latter rain.

Behold the cloud is gathering, as Elijah saw a hand-sized cloud gathering over the seas that will come as a mighty rain, in the same manner, a wide glorious cloud, is rising and coming towards your Nation. Prepare yourself, a mighty rain is going to come upon you, you are going to be drenched in the rain, you are not just going to get wet, you are going to be drenched in the rain. Younger generation ministers, you are going to be drenched in the rain. I am seeing now how this rain looks like; it is like liquid fire. It is like golden oil, it is rain, oil and water mixed together. The heavenly latter rain is like the rain of the seven spirits of God, the rain of the powers of the age to come. Come on, lift up holy hands, and bless the name of the living God.”

The Bible says we should not despise prophecies (1 Thes.5: 20). One of the ways to judge the authenticity of the above prophecies is to ask who are the channels through which these words have come? To this, we respond that they are reliable and proven prophetic channels. Secondly, these prophecy display similarity in content and pattern. Thirdly, they are independent sources but show similarity, as two are Americans, one an Indian and the last a Nigerian.

Some have asked, what we are currently experiencing in the Church, is it not a revival? How is it different from what we are expecting? The difference is one of degree. There is a difference between the sprinkling of rain and showers of rain. The fact is that great as what God is doing presently in the Church is, we can classify them as the normal work of the Holy Spirit, which is different from a real revival. A revival is an exceptional and extraordinary time. What is coming are showers of blessings and a spiritual deluge! It is beyond human comprehension. Let us prepare for it.

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Austen C. Ukachi
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