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A pastor after God’s heart – Part 1


Dr. Francis Akin-John

The kingdom of God has always prospered and expanded truthfully, whenever God sees men after His own heart. Men and women after God’s heart are the key to glorious days of God’s power and victory over the enemy. God is not happy, when worthless men; ungodly men, children and charlatans take over leadership positions in His work and church. Psalm 12: 8. Pastors are crucial to the life and vitality of churches. Without godly and steadfast pastors, there can be no living and vital churches. We shall experience the days of God’s power, visitation, open heaven and victorious expansion when pastors after God’s heart are in-charge of the church.

• Biblical Foundation Jer. 3:15; Acts. 13:22; 2 Chron. 16:9; Jer. 23:4; 1 Sam. 13: 14.

The people of God always fared better, when leaders after God’s heart rise to the surface. Pastors after God’s heart are men and women that are God-called, God moulded, God-sent, in God-placed at God’s time; they have a burning heart for the will of God; They love what He loves and hates what He hates. They are tender, pliable and amendable in the hand of the Lord; have been touched by the live coals from the altar- Isaiah 6:1-8; Zealous, dynamic and productive for God. John 5: 35. Pastors after God’s heart are:


Pastors who really know and are close to the Lord.

Pastors who pursue hard after God. Psalm 23:1-6.

Pastors who seek to please the Lord in all they do.

Pastors who have deep insight into the heart of God.

Pastors who feed and lead people to the deep things of God.

Pastors who serve as true shepherds and the sheep are reproducing

Pastors who are true models and lead from the depth of their lives.

Where can we find such rare pastors today? They are very scarce and in short supply, the more reason the church is shallow, fickle, worldly and earthly.

• Why Many Pastors are not after God’s Heart

Today, we have hundreds of thousands of pastors in the field. Every year, thousands are also graduating from Bible schools and being ordained into the ministry. But why are they few pastors after God’s heart.

Lack of personal encounter with the Lord

Wrong motive of coming into the ministry.

Wrong foundation and training

Little or no knowledge of God.

Personal slavery to sin and devil.

Lack of passion for God and spiritual things.

Slaves to tradition, dogma and systems of men.

• As the Pastor Goes So goes the Church.

More than any other leadership position in the church, the pastor has more direct influence upon the church.

• The church is lively because the pastor is lively.

• The church is godly because the pastor is godly.

• The church is carnal because the pastor is carnal.

• The church is prayerful because the pastor is prayerful.

• The church is spiritual because the pastor is spiritual.

• The church is worldly because the pastor is worldly.

• The church is mission-minded because the pastor is mission-minded.

• The church is in disarray because the pastor is in disarray.

The life of the pastor is always the ceiling for the church. No church can rise above the life and passion of the pastor. The life of the pastor permeates, percolates, penetrates and permanently affects the life and blood of the church.

Dr. Francis Akin-John, Church Growth Consultant, Growth Centre, 6/8, Mukadaz Close, Off Palace Way, Iyana-odo B/Stop, Isheri-LASU Road, Lagos. 08023000714


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