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A submissive wife – Part 2


Text: Ephesians 5:22
In part one on the series on marriage and love in the family, we talked about God’s command to husbands to love their wives. Today, our teaching is focused on wives. In God’s divine standard on marriage, there is no competition in it. Wives are not competing with their husbands; rather, they are helpmate and God expects unreserved submission from them. God’s expectation is for a wife to submit completely to her husband as unto God and nothing less!

The submission must be unconditional and absolute. In difficult times, a wife should submit, just as she submits and serves God even in troublous and trying times. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, is an example for godly wives to emulate. She submitted to her husband and called him lord, even when there was no child in the marriage. Wives should follow suit! However, wives’ submission should be scripturally guided to ensure it doesn’t negate God’s Word. For instance, wives must not submit to their husbands in sinful acts. This is the only exception to this commandment given to wives by God.  Again, wives should not seek counsel from their mothers on how to submit to their husbands or pattern their marriage according to their mother’s expectations because no marriage is the same. A God-fearing wife, who understands the Bible’s precepts on marriage, should not allow a third party to meddle in her marriage. Issues arising from marriage should be settled amicably without involving a third party.


A wife ought to take absolute care of her husband in all things. This is her immediate and divine assignment to her husband. Responsibility of a wife at home should not be transferred to a maid. This is the undoing of some wives today. Some women love their jobs so much that they have left their homes in the hands of maids and the result is total collapse of marriages. It is advisable that a wife relaxes her job after marriage to enable her take good care of the home at that initial stage. She can take up a job that will not consume her time later after building a good family foundation.

Submission is not a new doctrine in the Bible. It is as old as the world itself because marriage is an institution established by God. Godly women in the Bible reverenced their husbands and gave them total love and attention. Women who nag and disrespect their husbands do so at their peril. The danger in this is that a husband may shift attention to other women outside the home. To get back the love and attention of such a man will require God’s special grace.

A wife may be a breadwinner in the home, but that does not make her head of the family. Nobody encourages idleness of any man in the family, but in case the husband loses his job, the respect and submissiveness expected of the wife should not be lowered. The love should still be sublime! Educated wives should not look down or disrespect their illiterate husbands. This standard is not obtainable in the world. And it is wrong for a Christian woman to emulate worldly women, who turn their husbands into houseboys.


Disobedience or disrespect to husbands is disobedience to God, Who gave the command. The submission to husband should be natural and proceeds from the inner recess of the mind. Submission to husband is not a sign of weakness, but rather obedient to God’s Word. Worldly women rub shoulders with their husbands, but godly wives submit to their husbands. Godly women should not ‘copy’ the society.

Young women that are newly married should learn from aged women in the church (Titus 2:2-5). ‘Aged women’, as used in the book of Titus, are real born again and not witches that assume such positions in some churches. They are holy-elderly women, who live according to the Bible’s standard. Young newly married women should be humble enough to meet them for godly counsel and coaching in order to build a godly home.

Wives should know that Satan is interested in destroying their marriage. In this regard, wives should be ready to forgive their husbands whenever offences arise.

For further reading: 1Pt.3: 1,5,6; Gen.18:12; 1Cor.11:3; Eph.5:24; Titus 2:3-5.

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