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A year of revival of his glory


Chidi Okoroafor

Text: Haggai 2:5-9; Psalm 85:6-9; 2 Samuel 6
Key Verse: Psalm 85:9, “Surely his salvation is near those who fear him, that his glory may dwell in our land.”

Glory is the overpowering presence of God. Revival is a return of God’s glory in a life, to a church or to a nation. When the glory departed from the Children of Israel, there was a group of people in that nation that began to pray earnestly that God would bring back the glory. They were praying that God would return again and that His presence might be manifested among them. In the very heart of the Psalm we have the prayer in verse 6, “wilt thou not revive us again.” In verse 9 he tells us what is the desired result of revival when he says, “that glory may dwell in our land.” Revival is a return of the awesome presence of God to a life, to a church or to a nation.

The absence of the presence of God in our churches, nation, life, decorated altars, air conditioned cathedrals has brought tragedy upon the people. In 1 Samuel Chapter 4, Israel went to battle against the Philistines. Israel was badly beaten by the Philistines and about four thousand Israeli soldiers were killed.


The elders of Israel were terrified by the defeat and they made inquiries about this great defeat. They suggested the bringing of the Ark of Covenant to accompany them so as to save them from the grip of the Philistines. The Ark was brought from Shiloh, but the glory of God had departed from it and the people of Israel gave a loud shout. It was simply an empty box, which carried no glory of God.

The Philistines panicked when they learned that the Ark of God had entered the Hebrew camp but they decided to fight for their lives. They thrashed Israel so mercilessly that their soldiers ran for their lives, leaving behind an incredible thirty thousand dead. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Ark of God was taken, and the two sons of Eli—Hophni and Phinehas—were killed. The glory of God was exiled from Israel as a result of the capturing of the Ark.

But the Philistines were unwilling to keep the Ark, because of the wrath they endured while the Ark was with them. They returned the Ark back to Israel and it was kept at the house of Abinadab in Gibeah.

In 2 Samuel 6, David sought to return the glory of God by moving the ark of God back to Jerusalem, and place it within the Tabernacle. The Ark had been in Gibeah for over sixty years, and Saul had not sought or inquired of the Lord about the Ark during all of his reign. It is my prayer that in Year 2018, that church leaders, political leaders and leaders at all levels shall seek to return the Glory of God in our land.

The Ark of the Covenant led Israel out of barrenness, led them into blessing, and led them in battle. The Ark had divine power and energy. It leveled mountains, laid waste cities, and struck the enemy dead. The Ark led the Israelites from victory to victory.

God had ordained that the Ark was to be moved in a very specific manner. The sons of Kohath had been set aside to carry the Ark with poles upon their shoulders. Under no circumstance was the Ark to be placed on a cart and moved by animals. While moving the Ark back to Jerusalem, the oxen who carried it stumbled, and a servant named Uzzah must have feared the Ark would fall. He put forth his hand to steady the Ark, and God smote Uzzah, and he died.

This created great fear in the heart of David and all who were involved in moving the Ark. As a result, David carried the Ark aside into the house of Obed-edom, the Gittite.

We lack His power and presence in our lives because we have lost our fear and reverence for the Lord.

Our homes, churches, nation and the world need revival. But no military power, economic upturn and political election can bring down the glory of God in our land. Revival is meeting with the Almighty God. It is God’s presence that produces revival: God Himself.

When God’s glory comes, corrupt men in the land shall repent, God’s sovereignty shall be recognised and our land shall be healed.

Today’s Nugget: Revival is the return of God’s Glory.
Prayer: God revive your glory in our land.
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Dr. Chidi Okoroafor, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God Nigeria. E-mail:

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