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Absolute surrender

By Prophet O. Azuka
05 July 2020   |   2:58 am
Absolute surrender depicts complete and unreserved yielding to the Almighty God. It is a total show of submissiveness to God. This is the height of a Christian commitment

Text: Romans 12: 1-2

Absolute surrender depicts complete and unreserved yielding to the Almighty God. It is a total show of submissiveness to God. This is the height of a Christian commitment to God to serve Him all the days of his/her life. A believer’s sincerity is tested at the altar of absolute surrender to God.

It is also the climax of true worship and service to God. The beauty of Christianity is embedded in the above subject, as it distils the authenticity of a sincere Christian confession. Consecration, which is one of the virtues of Christians, is not complete until it reaches this height. More often than not, some Christians make commitments in times of need to serve God all the days of their lives, but they soon forget in times of respite. This is one of the reasons they wallow in difficulties because they have taken their sacrifice from the altar.

This subject of discourse transcends mere lips profession: it touches every aspect of Christian life, including dressing and lifestyle. The so-called Christians, who dress provocatively to lure the feeble to sin, have not totally surrendered to God. Whatever sacrifice such individuals present before God is not acceptable. God expects us as Christians to present our body as a living sacrifice unto Him (Romans 12:1-2). All must be laid at the altar of consecration! 

Absolute surrender connotes total consecration of all to God Almighty without reservation. It must not be patterned according to denominational beliefs or creed. Rather, it must be in accordance with the prescriptions of God’s Word. Such consecration must be pleasing and acceptable unto God. Falling below these scriptural standards is an invitation for repentance in the affected individual’s life. Nobody can parade himself as a believer if he has not completely given all to God, because that is the hallmark of Christian faith.

It is not a show of favour to God to completely surrender all to Him, but a prerequisite to going to Heaven. No eye shall see the Lord if this condition is not met.  

Once a believer pulls out from absolute surrender, God automatically becomes an adversary to such an individual. (Jonah 1:1-4,11,12). Jonah derailed from absolute surrender and purchased a suicide ticket for himself. He thought he could run away from God’s presence but alas, he met his waterloo! The sad effect of it is that anybody that associates with such a disobedient servant in business or any venture, nosedives and sinks downward.

The world’s system does not encourage absolute surrender to the Almighty God, which is why every child of God should be careful with what the world presents to him for consideration.

Absolute surrender is not for sinners because they do not have a life to consecrate! What a sinner needs to do is to repent and accept Jesus Christ before he can consecrate his life to God for higher service. 

This subject reveals one of God’s qualities. He is a steadfast God! Steadfastness is also a product of absolute surrender. Jesus Christ, our sin-bearer, absolutely surrendered His life. He gave His life for the salvation of the whole world. 

It is a sign of love for God. Abraham demonstrated this uncommon love when God demanded his only son, Isaac for sacrifice. As part of his worship, he did not contend with flesh and blood but gave Isaac as an offering. Abraham gave all! Interestingly, Abraham earned himself an everlasting covenant and respect before the Lord. God gave Abraham more than what he gave Him!

Conversely, to partake in the blessings of Abraham, his pattern of giving and absolute surrender must be emulated in its entirety.
Reassess your consecration today and make the necessary adjustment and surrender all to God.

For further reading: Isaiah 43:21;Jonah 1:1-4; Luke 9:52; Luke 9: 52; Gen. 22:1-3; Heb.11: 17-19; Gen.12:1; 13:8-10.

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