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Acknowledge God

By Rev.Dr. Israel Kristilere
12 December 2021   |   4:00 am
In Proverbs Chapter 3, the wise man admonished us to acknowledge God in all our ways. The writer gives us not only melodious measures, but also valuable truths....

Israel Kristilere

In Proverbs Chapter 3, the wise man admonished us to acknowledge God in all our ways. The writer gives us not only melodious measures, but also valuable truths, including the secret of life, which has often eluded the search of moralists and the speculations of philosophers. He unfolds that which to us is of vital moment: the secret of success. We all desire prosperity. The text says happiness is not intellectual but a moral quality. True wisdom is the reverence and love of God. When we are in right relations with God, this is the source of peace. Two things I shall do briefly through this message are: one, show what it means to acknowledge God and two, what to acknowledge concerning God. 
How To Acknowledge God: -6-The wise man admonishes us to acknowledge God not in some of our ways, but in all our ways.

This therefore means we must:
• Recognise God as our Master and accept Him as the sole authority in our lives.
• Take God first in all our counsels and submit to His authority (His word-vs 1) in everything we undertake.
• Honour God with who we are and what we have, i.e. (our possessions-9) We must acknowledge Him in all our actions, seeking His blessing in our progress and be willing to give back to Him. We must seek God at every step, so we can walk in accordance with His Will and progress safely and securely.
• What To Acknowledge-6.

The wise man admonishes us to acknowledge in all our ways. This means we are to acknowledge:
• His Presence. Everywhere. “The eyes of the Lord are in every place.” (Pro. 15:3) Therefore, we must fear the Lord and depart from evil (7b) 
• His Power Over All. Whatever we have achieved, it is by His power. We must attribute our success, blessings and victories unto Him. We must also acknowledge His power that He can do whatsoever He pleases. Nothing is impossible; nothing is too hard for God.
• His Promises that Never Fail. The Bible is full of promises, suitable for all persons, and fitting into all circumstances. God’s promises never fail.

The wise man counsels that we acknowledge God in our public and secret ways. We must acknowledge God in our thoughts, our ways of business, our ways of pleasure, our ways of dressing, ways of social life, ways of prayer, faith, praise, penitence, doing good and reading the Scriptures. Our text has the reward of acknowledging God. It is a sure promise that God will direct our paths. This is the only safe course we can pursue to allow God to direct us. Owing to our ignorance and shortsightedness, we cannot direct ourselves. But God will not direct our paths unless we commit our whole ways into His hands. Faith and trust are the requisites for this happy consummation.

The ultimate end of His direction will turn out a glorious lifting. He also promises us more prosperity. (9-10) That means the reward of acknowledging God in our prosperity is more prosperity and the reward of acknowledging Him in our success is more success. May the Lord help us to truly acknowledge Him, not in some but in all our ways. Amen. Shalom.

Shepherdhill Baptist Church (Sanctuary of Grace & Glory), Baptist Academy Compound, Obanikoro, Lagos.

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