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Against all odds – Part 3


Yemi Davids

Yemi Davids

The Virtue Of Patience – “He that believeth shall not make haste.”

“People that hurry through life, get to the end of It quicker” – John Mason

Welcome to the 5th edition of this series. As much as we are inspired to move in the direction of our dream and not waste valuable time, we must realise that certain “waiting periods” exist between the time we dream and when our dream is birthed. It is my prayer that we would be able to discern and learn the valuable lessons that abound in the different waiting seasons of our lives.

Most of the greatest mistakes in our lives are due to impatience, which can be deadly. In the book of Genesis, God promised Abraham a child through Sarah, but because it wasn’t forthcoming, Abraham was cajoled into sleeping with Hagar (a household maid). This resulted in the birth of Ishmael and the beginning of an unending problem.

When we make haste we most often act foolishly. The scriptures are filled with many examples of people, who ran ahead of their time, acted hurriedly and had unprofitable ends. Even as God gives us dreams and expects us to live this dream, He has a perfect time for these dreams to be fulfilled – there is no shame to them that wait for Him.

The Chinese Bamboo
I enjoy sharing the story of the Chinese bamboo. After planting, the Chinese bamboo shows no sign of growth or encouragement for up to four years, as it appears dormant. Then suddenly, during the fifth year, its growth shoots up reaching up to a whopping 90 feet and dwarfing other trees which previously ‘appeared’ to have faster growth rates. This is how God operates. He gives a dream and allows a period of isolation and preparation before manifestation. Quality time needs to be spent in preparation. It is never a wasted period.

What is the difference between a ripe mango and an unripe mango? – Time! A ripe mango is a delicious and satisfying fruit, but an unripe one can have devastating effects on a person’s health. God makes all things beautiful in His time. As I write this particular article, I can’t help but reflect on certain periods in the past, when I had “waiting seasons.” These turned out to be preparation times God put in my life. Patience is the key that unlocks every form of deception.

One of the products of impatience we must rid ourselves of, is the ‘get rich quick’ syndrome with which many have pierced their souls with many sorrows. Your future is like a seed, which must be cultivated for a period of time till it produces a fruitful tree.

A field player, who starts the game without waiting for the referees whistle would be disqualified. Life is the playing field of our dreams and God is our Referee, and we must wait to hear His whistle before making that move! We must remember that life is in phases and men are in sizes. Greatness delivers in batches and phases.
Let us not hurry through life; impatience is deadly.

Lord, I recognise that it’s in Your own time that all things are made beautiful. I receive the grace to wait for the perfect time You have set out for me. As I wait for you, I declare that my life would turn out beautiful, as all my dreams manifest in the best time.

Thank you Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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