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Avoid enjoying your heaven on earth


There is life after death. If there were no other world after this, the Bible wouldn’t have said it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that judgment. So many people are not mindful of this. We do things the way we like, not thinking about heaven. We forget that the Bible says once to die, which means when somebody dies, there is no chance of repentance. Some people have enjoyed their Heaven here on Earth. What a pity.

To avoid enjoying your Heaven on Earth, you must do those things that please God and not man. You are a church worker, maybe the treasurer, the financial secretary, the pastor or whatever position you occupied in church of God, but you use that opportunity to steal church money or plan the church’s downfall. I pity you. It would be better to use your position to lift the church. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose your his soul? Salvation message is no longer preached in the church. We no longer preached Heaven in the church; rather, we concentrate on miracles and prosperity. Ladies now dress naked to church in the name of fashion, and no one cares. Embezzlement in the church and church cases in court are the order of the day. What a shame. A time is coming when we shall give account of our stewardship to our Maker.


Ministers are leading their members astray, not minding what the Bible says in the book of Jeremiah 3:15.From the text above, there were two different people — the rich man and the poor man. The rich man, in his lifetime, used his life the way he liked. He enjoyed his Heaven on Earth. One day, he died and was buried. The poor man also died. The Bible said the angel came and carried the poor man. Please, underline the world buried and carried.

The one that was buried means No Hope of eternal life. The one that was carried by the angel means there was full hope of resurrection.
When there was torment in the place of the rich man after death, he lifted up his eyes and saw the poor man, who became very rich in eternity. He requested for water, but there was no chance for that, because their is a boundary between hell and heaven. God bless you. AVOID ENJOYING YOUR HEAVEN ON EARTH!
Venerable Timothy .A. Osasuiyi, The First Africa Church Mission (INC), Christ Church Cathedral Dean. 3/5, Oyingbo Road Ebute Meta, Lagos.


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