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Battle against Babylon – Part 2



Text: Rev. 17:1-5, 15.

The word Babylon today, depicts more of a system in operation than a geographical location. It is a system that controls the cosmos and operates multiple religions putting everyone under one government order as we see today. Its major target is on leadership and a desire to take charge of the economy and commerce. We must rise up and do something about it now. Another target of Babylon is the souls of man.


In the book of Daniel, it was customary for everyone to take from the food and drink that was first presented and offered to their gods. This was meant to be a transaction but Daniel and his friends refused it. We must be careful about what we join people to eat in the name of celebrations and religious festivities. Mk. 8:36-37 says nothing can match the worth of your soul. Babylon will always want to manipulate your economy so that you can compromise. This comes in different forms, such as losing your job and being presented with new and tempting offers that can separate you from fellowship with God and the brethren.

By this, such a soul is gradually lost. When Shederach, Meshach, and Abednego were requested to worship a strange god, they refused, damning the consequences of their objection. They realised that it was also a transaction in exchange for their soul and they were delivered by the 4th man, Jesus. May the 4th man appear for you in your time of trouble in Jesus’ name.

A lady cried to me some time ago that her lecturer at school threatened that she would not graduate if she didn’t sleep with him. Really, I was vexed in the spirit and I prayed with her for God’s timely intervention.


A few weeks after, this lecturer made a grave mistake at work that amounted to his dismissal, and thus, the obstacle on the way of the lady was removed. She graduated successfully. Many souls have been sold out by such means, just for a sheet of certificate. I decree, whatever the devil has taken from you shall be restored in Jesus’ name.

Babylon operates also in a religious setting. It introduces all kinds of religion, causing bloodshed just as we see in inter-religious killings today. There are different manifestations of the Babylonian system in the church today. First of all, it introduces immorality and makes people see nothing wrong with the act, even while yet committed to fellowship. Secondly, it makes the church services ceremonious and ritualistic without any experience of the Holy Spirit.

The end-time church ought not to be so. A place where there is no call to salvation, holiness is not preached, but they prophesy prosperity to all sinners throughout the service, watch out, Babylon is most likely in operation.

Prophecy is good, but must never take the place of the truth of God’s word. If you marry by prophecy, you will divorce by prophecy. The Babylonian system also makes men of God go to strange places in search of power, thereby offering strange fire in the church. It gives man a form of godliness but denies the power thereof (2 Tim. 3:5). They make empty noise and turn the church of God into entertainment centres, but God declares that Babylon the great will fall. I pray that every system of Babylon operating in the church, nation or economy will be dislodged and pulled down in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries
Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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