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Battle for the vehicle of destiny – Part 1

By John Okene
29 May 2022   |   2:25 am
Your vehicle of destiny is whatever God has ordained to convey you to destiny. This could be your gifting, career, marriage or ministerial calling.

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Your vehicle of destiny is whatever God has ordained to convey you to destiny. This could be your gifting, career, marriage or ministerial calling. If you are not able to identify it, then it will be difficult for you to get to the next level in your life. When Jesus told his disciples, “let us go to the other side,” understand that it means there is always the other side of life, which is a better side. It is the side of greatness and God, in Jeremiah 29:11, describes it as your expected end. This is your destiny and God has ordained something to take you there.

If that thing is not found, then you cannot move. There is a way of life, that is, the route you take in life. It could be the sea of life, the highway or airway of life that you need to sail or soar through to get to your destination. In our Bible text, we see that there was a ship set for the journey, Jesus identified it and they entered. Every other ship there was referred to as smaller ships. If Jesus is not in your ship, you cannot arrive at your destination. There is always a battle to stop you on your way and a ship without Jesus in it will be too small to stand the storms of life. I pray for you, every battle against your vehicle of destiny to be terminated today in Jesus’ name.

History is full of records of great men, in the past and present, who made it in life through their vehicles of destiny. In Genesis 41:14, 40 – 45, we see that Joseph’s vehicle of destiny was the interpretation of dreams. This gift took him to the palace and set him in an exalted position as the second in command in the whole of Egypt. Imagine if Joseph could not identify his gifting or played wastefully with it like many people today; he would have languished in prison for life!

The disciples in our Bible text could not make any move until Jesus identified the right ship and they entered. May God open your eyes to know your vehicle of destiny in Jesus’ name.

Another person we shall consider is David. He worshipped God greatly and this gave him direct access to God’s inner room. Again, his skillfulness in battle introduced him to the palace. He killed the lion and the bear and conquered Goliath, the terrorist. The question I ask you as you are reading this message now is: “What Is Your Vehicle Of Destiny?”

A lot of people, today, are stagnated at the jetty of life; not knowing, which ship to enter. Many more have erroneously entered a wrong vehicle and are living in pains, feeling unfulfilled and never arriving at their expected end. If that explains what you are going through, may God intervene and move you forward today.

Again, Ruth was a woman of great virtues and this took her to her place of destiny. She was a Moabite woman; a nation cursed because it was born out of incest. This totally separates and disqualifies them from the blessings and commonwealth of Israel.

Despite this, Ruth’s character broke every generational protocol, she was faithful till the end and this brought her into the prestigious genealogy of Jesus.

Other example is Daniel. In Dan. 2:20 – 22, his case was the gift of revelation, which made him to remain relevant in office even with the successions of different Babylonian kings.

The likes of Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is a great example of our present time. In his early days, he worked hard and strove to be the youngest Vice Chancellor of his time. This was never achieved until God told him that his vehicle of destiny was not in his academic career, but in ministerial calling. Today, he is a renowned and respected man of God across the world.

For some other persons, their vehicle could be music like in the cases of Dunsin Oyekan, GUC, Sinach, Mercy Chinwo and Nathaniel Bassey. May God give you wisdom to identify your vehicle of greatness.
• Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State. E-mail: Prayerline: +2348135952623

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