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Before your husband calls you a witch


Charles Ighele

Peter (not real name) is a man of ideas. When he got married to Jennifer (not real name), he thought he could share his ideas with her. He has always had fantastic and professional business ideas, but almost every time he shared an idea he thought would bring about success, Jennifer would say, “that idea will not work o. You better stop building your castles in the air.” Despite all efforts and resources Peter would put into executing the idea; he always found his projects not succeeding. No single idea he shared with his wife ever worked.

After many years of hearing “that idea will not work o,” Peter became uncomfortable discussing his business plans with his wife. And as if to add salt to injury, after the failure of each idea, Jennifer would say something like, “did I not tell you that it would not work?” But you see, that is not how to talk to a wounded man. A wife should not use such words, as “didn’t I tell you?” to a wounded husband, neither should a man use such words to a hurting wife.

I like the way a woman whose husband lost a state governorship election handled her wounded husband, despite the fact that she had advised him against contesting the governorship election. After losing a lot of their hard-earned millions, the wife went to her husband and told him these words: “If people of this state do not want you to be their governor, you are my governor any day.” She didn’t say “didn’t I tell you?” I salute that woman. That is how to be a helper.

Back to Peter and Jennifer. Peter eventually became fully convinced that Jennifer is a witch. And do you know what? Immediately after he settled it in his spirit and mind that Jennifer is a witch, he began to see her in his dreams as a wicked looking person wanting to harm him.

It took me time to convince Peter that the thing that a person thinks of most of the time or sees most of the time, or reads most of the time or associates with most or fully believes can infiltrate into a person’s dream life. It was because Peter trusted God’s ability in me that I understand and see how the spirit realm works, that made him not to throw Jennifer out.

Many men complain that their wives do not encourage them to succeed in life. Instead, they criticise them. Many have gone to the extent of calling their wives witches or enemies of their progress. Men do not want their wives to be their critics. Women should understand that, when God created the man to be the head and leader of the home, He also put in him the ability to dream dreams that will enable him adequately lead and provide for the home. Some or almost all of these dreams may be wild and mere daydreams, but a woman should not tell the husband such. Instead, she should hail her husband for possessing God’s given ability to dream. After massaging his manly ego, she can go on to say, “Honey, what if you do it this way? Don’t you think we will get better results? Think about it. Pray about it my great husband. I know you will hit it one day.” 1Peter 3:4 calls this “…a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great prize.” Love you.

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