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Bigger in size, smaller in spirit – Part 2


Israel Akinadewo

All the aforementioned are things imbibed by young children. They have no enemies and they are susceptible to the absolute control of elderly ones. They bear no malice and there is this innocent-look, when caned for some things they did ignorantly. Therefore, those who find it difficult to live their lives like little children are only bigger in size, but smaller in spirit. It is instructive for us, as born again Christians, to know that The Kingdom of God is only looking for those who are bigger in spirit, and all other things are immaterial. You may be ninety years, even ten years; one may be a dwarf, or even very tall; one may be rich, and even very poor; one may have all the qualifications in this world, and one may not even have Western education, what matters to God, is the readiness of our hearts. That heart, which works and functions like that of little children and not the heart, which is already polluted with pride, is what God needs.
David and Selflessness

The selflessness in David came into reckoning, when he took it upon himself to fight Goliath. This he did, with the mind of saving his own people. At that time, his own life meant nothing to him, but the spirit in him believed that he would get victory through total reliance on God – 1 Samuel 17. This is to assert that a selfish man will only be bigger in size, but smaller in spirit.
David and Forgiving Spirit

Despite the evil Saul planned for David, he refused to touch God’s anointed, when the opportunity presented itself – 1 Samuel 24. David had a spirit in him that rejected vengeance, but embraced forgiveness. Therefore, a vengeful person will equally be big in size, but small in spirit.
David and Humility


David’s achievement against Goliath was enough for him to have pride and look down on Saul, but the spirit of God in him had no time for such thing. At every occasion, he kept serving Saul, even when his life was threatened.
David and Holiness

Doubtless, David sinned against God, and the killing of Urriah was what brought God’s judgment upon him. That sword would stay forever in his household – 2 Samuel 12:10. However, he knew that he would not be able to stand in God’s presence, without holiness. Therefore, he would always go to God, by confessing his sins for the renewal of his heart. Therefore, those who find it difficult to acknowledge their sins, and do proper cleansing will not be able to be like little children in the presence of God. We can affirm this through his writings, from the book of Psalms.
David and Obedience


David was a very obedient child of God. Commencing from his youthful days, he was much aware that disobedience is the hallmark of destruction. This was what caused his predecessor (King Saul), the kingship. David was so obedient to God that he even carried the assignments given to him to a different level, which made God to deny him the opportunity of building a temple for His glory. 1 Chronicles 22:7-8 says – “(7) And David said to Solomon, my son, as for me, it was in my mind to build an house unto the name of the Lord my God. (8) But the word of the Lord came to me, saying, thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great wars: thou shalt not build an house unto my name, because thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight.” Yet, because of his obedience, God promised him that his seed will He establish forever on the throne of Israel – Psalm 89:4, 2 Samuel 7:12-16).

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