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Bodily healing and the atonement


As you start growing in knowledge and the understanding of life, you begin to see that there are some things in the scale of life that are more important than others. All things can never be equal, only in theory. There are two things that are central when it comes to the desires in the heart of every man. These two cardinal desires stand side by side. You wouldn’t want to choose one over the other; they are health and wealth. After all is said and done, two things everybody strongly desires in their heart are to be healthy and to be wealthy. It’s not absolutely true that health is wealth; health and wealth both stand individually. If we’ve submitted that health and wealth are the two top desires in the heart of man, that makes sickness and poverty the two top problems man faces.

From the beginning, sicknesses and diseases weren’t part of the equation. The first man and his wife were born wealthy and healthy. Adam lived in a state where he was completely free from sicknesses, diseases, fear, anxiety and poverty, but everything about him changed the day he sinned. Immediately he sinned, he opened the door to death, which in many cases, is caused by sicknesses and diseases. Sin is equal to death, and death is equal to sickness plus poverty. When death enters your space, it kills your economy and your body. When man sinned, the first thing that got attacked was his economy, and he was sent out by God from the place of his prosperity.


It has been argued that it wasn’t man who brought sicknesses and death, but the devil. The devil is the master-minder because he was the one who tempted man. He masterminded the sin of man knowing that when man sins; it will open the door to death and will also make man his subject. There is a law in the Spirit that anybody you obey, you become the servant of. In other words, Adam submitted himself to the lordship of the kingdom of darkness. Immediately he submitted, darkness took over his life, fear entered his heart, sickness entered his body and death invaded his space.
That was how Satan took over the dominion God gave to Adam and his children, becoming the father of all wickedness on the face of the earth. The reason Satan had access to afflict man was because the relationship between man and God was broken.

The way to neutralise sicknesses and diseases is to reconcile man to God. It was reconciliation that was on the mind of God when the blood was being shared. There is a connection between bodily healing and the atonement, such that immediately man gets reconciled back to God, everything that is wrong with him is corrected. What Jesus came to do was to remove the sin that destroyed the relationship in the first place. He did that on the cross by atoning for the sins of the world. The atonement removed sin and since it has removed sin, it has removed sicknesses and diseases. The atonement simply means a sacrifice that is acceptable to God, to reconcile sinful man to the Holy God. The atonement, aside from reconciling us back to God, gives us the power to become sons of God.

All the things they did to Jesus during the Passion of the Christ were designed to bring us into healing and peace. The only way to live free of sickness and diseases is to put your eyes on Jesus.
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