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Book reveals God’s agenda for christians in Africa


Toks Ero

In a bid to inspire a new generation of young African Christian leaders to action against corrupt leaders, a U.S-based Nigerian author, Toks Ero, has released a new book titled: “God’s Vision and Purpose for Africa.”

The book contains a mixture of revelations, prophecies, and instructions about God’s agenda for Nigeria and Africa. It also contains some warnings to heads of churches, political and Christian leaders, while providing practical steps to engender a metamorphosis and rebirth of a new and glorious Africa.

Toks, with a bias for constructive and critical cooperation between the church and political leadership, said: “In a dream, I saw a man as a broadcaster reading the news. He said a lot of things, but the one I remembered correctly was when he said that the people killing Christians in southern Kaduna, northern Nigeria and Nigerian Christian communities are not herdsmen, but trained mercenaries. There is an agenda to turn Nigeria and Africa into an Islamic country and continent respectively.”

Written in December 2016, the book contains warning to the present political leaders, to lead well or face such dire consequences as death and debilitating illnesses, among others. Heads of churches were also not spared in the new book, as they were warned to “refrain from ordaining women as pastors and withdraw existing pastoral positions and functions from women, your wives inclusive. Christian leaders should also stop using their positions to display or exemplify world patterns and systems.”

He urged churches to commission 24-hour intercessory prayer teams to engage in round-the-clock prayers, with designated warriors, volunteers and willing participants. They should also pray that God manifests His awesome powers in the fulfilment of His vision for Africa.

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