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Breaking the power of the grave – Part 3


When a man is under the grip of the power of the grave, he cannot fulfil his God given purpose in life. A lot of people today are locked up in spiritual graveyards, and this is the reason behind their difficult and stubborn life challenges that seem to defy solution. The good news I bring to you is that God says He will have no compassion for the grave, he will bring destruction upon it and redeem you from its power “Hosea 13:4”. There are different ways in which satanic powers use graveyard spirit against their victims. First of all, they can take sand from the cemetery and pour it at the doorpost of their victim.

This implies that all their effort in life has been buried and so, nothing they do works out. Secondly, they can put the picture of their victim in a coffin and conduct a satanic burial. Such a person becomes a living corpse. Thirdly, they call their victim into a satanic drum and beat it hard, when the person appears, they strike the person. They can also borrow money from you and bury it to add to theirs. Again, they can programme your virtue into an animal and ask you to bury it yourself. Lastly, they can send a strange wind to their victim.

There are different ways to tell if you are a victim of graveyard powers. If there is a pattern of death or affliction in your family, don’t take it lightly. It is not accidental to see one, two, three or more members of a family dying at a particular age or of the same sickness. Again, when you are always hearing strange voices or seeing yourself discussing, eating, or interacting with your dead relatives and friends, it is abnormal. You must do something about it. Sometimes, you feel an invisible person following you, you could be overwhelmed with acute depression or have suicidal tendencies. You could sometimes experience nervousness, unusual fear and panic or strange affliction after dreams. There could be evil visitations, where you see yourself being pressed down by strange and unseen forces, especially when asleep. Sometimes also, you could perceive horrible odour of decay around you, which other people can’t perceive.

Finally, you could see obituary pictures of yourself, coffins, accidents or people mourning in the dream. A sister cried to me some years ago. She said she had a dream and saw obituary posters of herself all over the street and people gathered in a funeral ceremony. When she got to the point of gathering and looked into the coffin, it was herself lying in state. She suddenly woke up gripped with fear. I run her through a session of deliverance with intense prayers and God rescued her. She is strong and fine today and well advanced in age. If you have been under the yoke of graveyard powers, I decree that your deliverance will also come in Jesus name.

Note that you must first give your life to Jesus Christ, forsake your sins and come out of worldliness completely. Finally, you must locate and fellowship with a Bible believing church and not places run by graveyard powers. See your pastor for counsel and deliverance.
Prayer: Every association of graveyard powers against my life, scatter in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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