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Celebrating God in a difficult economy


Gabriel Osu

In Christendom, Easter is generally regarded as the most important feast, because it commemorates the supreme sacrifice paid by Christ to redeem humanity from the shackles of sin and give them access to eternal life. Without the suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ from the dead, the whole of humanity would have been doomed for the whole of eternity. That is why we sing Hosanna in gratitude on Easter Sunday.

Unlike Christmas, which goes with much funfair and commercial activities, Easter is more solemn in nature. Having faithful dedicated themselves to a forty-day period of fasting, repentance and abstinence, it is only natural that activities of the preceding days still carries with it some elements of solemnity and penitence. This is not to say there is no merriment. On the contrary, Easter is day of rejoicing. We put away our ‘sack’ clothes, anoint our faces with oil and suspend our fasting, as a show of gratitude to the saving works of our Lord Jesus Christ.

While it is true that the economy is still in a dicey state, it is not expected, however, to dampen the spirituality associated with Easter. Like the theme of this year’s Lenten pilgrimage for the Archdiocese of Lagos stated, ‘Man does not live by bread alone.’ 

As Christians, we are not expected to take care of our bodies only. We must give prime priority to our soul, which is the real essence of who we are. While it is good to eat and nourish the body with good food, etc., we must equally nourish our souls, by constantly reading the word of God, talking to God in prayer and meditation and also striving to live righteously. What these translate to is that on Easter day, our priority should not just be on what to eat and the fun places we can visit. Rather, we must give God priority, by going to Church to worship Him in the company of other believers.

And for those who may be wondering what to eat or wear this Easter, first worship God in spirit and in truth and I am very sure He will provide for your needs in ways that would astound you. Spiritual blessings are more important and enduring than material gains. Moreover, remember that God will not come down from heaven to help us. Rather, He will use an earthly vessel. We are, therefore, called to get ourselves ready at all times to be used by God to minister to the needs of others, especially during this Easter. No condition, they say, is permanent. This too shall pass away. There is eternal reward for those who judiciously serve God in spirit and in truth.
Very Rev. Msgr. Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos.


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