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Church as a refuge centre

By Prophet O. Azuka
05 April 2020   |   4:00 am
The Church of God is a place of refuge and safety. In the Old Testament, cities were selected and named for refuge among the people.

Prophet O. Azuka

Text: Joshua 20:1-9
The Church of God is a place of refuge and safety. In the Old Testament, cities were selected and named for refuge among the people. Today, the Church of Christ should be a replica of safety as seen in the above scripture. A refuge centre is also a place of prayer and consecration. It is a high place of holiness; it is not a common place; it is a place where men of God should instigate spiritual revolution in the land. Unfortunately, reverse is the case! The Church has turned to a theatre where all sorts of atrocities take place. Reckless ‘so-called men of God’ have turned it to dens of thieves and altars of false prophecies. Church of God is a serious and sacred place that does not accommodate frivolities and ungodly acts. Ordinarily, it is supposed to be a place of solution, salvation, righteousness and safety and a place where God dwells with His full glory and power.

The Lord instructed Joshua to have cities of refuge where the children of Israel would run to in times of trouble for succour. Significantly, the Church of God should be a solution ground for Coronavirus patients for healing. But the church lacks such power to even deliver itself from the ravaging pandemic. Pastors, Reverend and Prophets of our time are bereft of God’s power and cannot bring rescue to the dying world. If the church cannot provide the much needed help and healing to the world now, what then is the purpose of having big auditoriums without spiritual shelter? The question that begs for answer today, which every Christian leader should answer is: where is our refuge cities? A leader should be able to provide solution to people’s need. Without mincing words, church leaders world over have failed God and the human race. They are advised to resign their appointment as servants of God if they cannot bring healing to the world over this killer Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic.

One wonders the essence of commercial anointing and wristbands that are being sold in some churches today. Obviously, Coronavirus Covid-19 has proven them impotent! This exposes the falsehood and fake anointing in churches in Nigeria and across the world. It shows that those pastors and prophets that sell the so-called anointing oil and wristbands actually use the avenue to make merchandise of their unsuspecting members since they cannot bring healing from the ravaging disease that has held the whole world to ransom. This obvious failure among religious leaders made the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Power International Christian Praying Centre, Lagos, Prophet O. Azuka, to invite all Coronavirus patients to Tuesday Solution Hour programme at 65, Oluwatedo Road, Off Isashi Bus Stop, Ojo, Lagos State, on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 7am for healing and deliverance from the deadly disease that has claimed many lives around the world.

Coronavirus pandemic exposed the weakness of church leaders and further sent a strong message to the world that God does not have serious Christians that can stand for Christ and do what Jesus would have done if He was in the world today. It is now clear that the noise being reverberated in churches is nothing but empty noise that does not carry any potency.

Paul the Apostle demonstrated the power of God in a great measure. He entered the kingdom of darkness at will and emptied it and sent the captives free. Paul never encountered intimidating circumstance in his ministry and succumbed to it.

The world is waiting for Christians like Paul the apostle. It is time to rise to the occasion and show the world that Jesus Christ is alive.

For further reading: Gen. 3:16; Rev. 10:12; Isaiah 10:27; Acts 16:16-18; Phil. 2:9-10
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