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Cleric underscores importance of praise at praise night


Prophetic Praise Train with Ayelabola Dare (left), Adewale Kemisola, Ogundoyin Dare, Pastor Korede Adams, Guest Pastor, Kenny Adenugba, Olusoga Eniola Priscilla, Oluwatoyin Kuforiji, Gabriel Olabisi Emmanuel and Tobi Olubiyi at the Praise Night. PHOTO: ISAAC TAIWO

The Senior Pastor, Masterpiece Assembly, Korede Adams has called on political officeholders in the country to emulate Jesus Christ and learn to live a sacrificial life, worthy of true leaders. He gave the admonition during the praise night, organised by his church at Jabita Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, where prophetic praise train made up of seven artistes thrilled the congregation. He noted with dismay that Nigerian leaders lack the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom.

He said: “The greatest challenge of our nation today is selfishness. The only secret to true and effective leadership is ‘selflessness.’ A true leader is the one who is not concerned about himself. A true leader gives up himself to serve others. Jesus is the true leader, Who gave His life as a ransom for His ‘friends.’ Real leadership is service.

He continued: “Leadership is not taking from the people. If after you became a leader in Nigeria and you are richer than what you were before getting there, you are a hireling because you have taken from the people. If after you have served as a leader in Nigeria, you still go back to your previous life as you were, then you are a true leader. We have seen this clearly in some of the leaders in the world. They did not make so much as Nigerian leaders have made and are still making. When we talk about Senators in Nigeria who did not have a house in some parts of Nigeria, but two, three or four years after, they have served as Senators, they have built houses all over the place, then we know that they were not there because of us, they were there to serve themselves, their bellies and to achieve their selfish ulterior motives.”

The cleric added that Nigerians need to praise God, especially in this period of recession, which according to him, ushers in the presence of God. Asserting that prayer creates the atmosphere for power, while praise creates the atmosphere for God’s presence, Adams said: “When as a nation, we praise God, we enjoy His presence and so, I believe that it is not only when we are happy that we should praise God. Of course, we offer praise when we are doing ‘thanksgiving.’ We offer praise to God, when He has done something wonderful for us and we are appreciating Him. Happiness is the function of happenings.

“However, the Bible tells us of ‘trial of our faith’ and this has to do with praising God when we have not seen the physical manifestations of what we are expecting from Him. We can take a cue from father Abraham whom the Bible says, ‘he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.’

“One can imagine a nation like Nigeria with all the potentials we have and we cannot feed ourselves and things are going bad every day. This is the time we need to praise God in Nigeria too, as father Abraham did.”

The man of God believes that the only person that can fix the problems of Nigeria is God and called on Nigerians to go back to Him.

“The revelation of the programme we had tonight is predicated on that premise “unending praise.” To have that continuous praise, we have invited all our praise train makers who led us into the presence of God, knowing that when we do this: miracles happen. Paul and Silas prayed and God manifested Himself in the prison where every band was loosed. Praises would always move God to manifest His power. Praise is an expression of liberty. If we as a nation offer praises to God, God will respond. When we pray to God, He sends His angles often times to attend to our needs but when we praise God, He comes down Himself.”

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