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Confession rules your life – Part 2


Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

What you invest in your children today determines what you get from them in the nearest future.
Most parents are found of cursing their children. How dare you curse your children and tomorrow you expect them to work in oil companies. No, the curse are working against them. Don’t you know there is power in your tongue? If it is not well with the children, it’ll affect you some day either now or in future.

If Joseph had remained in prison, don’t you think that his father Jacob would have died of starvation? Jacob must have been praying for Joseph such as prayer for prosperity, protection, direction, favour and continually. These concepts helped Joseph through his wilderness experience. Change your perception, and things will change for better.
Further, curses can be inherited. Most parents inherited from their forefathers and passed to their children and thus, make issues complicated. To demoralize this notion or spell, is to realize that there is a future in our children and also handle treasure. Don’t visualize sickness, poverty, death, and sorrow, instead be a good researcher, a strategist and get yourself informed in order not to die unfulfilled.


Joshua was a man of like passion as you are. He spoke to the sun and moon and they obeyed him. If he had harboured inferiority complex, his mission would have suffered frustration. Secondly, if he had told them to work against him as result of foolishness and stupidity, that would have been the outcome. Learn to see things the way God sees them.
Your tongue can condemn you and everything that concerns you.

Wrong Thinking
Wrong thinking has placed so many people in the valley of doom. Basically, there are two types of thinking positive thinking and negative thinking.

No man grows above what he thinks. What you think is what you get. Most time, inspiration comes in the midst of putting your mind to work. If you spend time and energy to think failure you will fail. Also, if you spend time and energy to think success, you succeed.
God’s word declares in Phil. 4:8 that you should think of something good. Are you afraid of poverty, sickness, such as diabetes, ulcer, cancer, asthma, etc, then don’t thinks about them. Set your mind on God’s plan for your life.

What you can’t conceive, can’t be received. Do you aspire to succeed? What do you give to your mind? Look for a suitable atmosphere to think about your life, business and marriage.

Little children don’t think at all. It’s unfortunate to discover that most adults turn themselves to little children without good thinking pattern. Whatever you want from God, think about it on daily basis. God gives answer to thought. Settle for nothing, but the best the best job, marriage, business, house, car, etc. theses belong to the children of God. Refuse to be influenced by circumstances. Grow above your problems by understanding that the God in you is the hope of glory.
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