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Confronting the leviathan spirit – Part 1



Leviathan is more than a sea monster, he is a principality. He is regarded among the principalities as the mighty. Leviathan is a predator spirit, when he captures his prey, he doesn’t allow him or her to go easily.

In the Greek word, he is called “the god of chaos” meaning the god of confusion. When leviathan attacks you, he makes you confuse, afraid and unable to find solution to your problems.Leviathan is a dragon, he has a serpentine nature and lives in the sea. In Psalm 74:13-14, he was referred to “as a dragon in water.” In Job 41:19-31, the Bible says fire comes out from his mouth and nostrils. He is not an ordinary dragon but a serpentine dragon. He was the principality in charge of the multiple attack of Job. Job got confused and began wondering why he lost everything he had in one day. He didn’t know that it was the principality called leviathan that was in charge of his case.

In Job 41, God revealed the nature of leviathan to Job. This means it is something we need to deal with because it is a principality that is always confronting man. Leviathan was also the power behind Pharaoh. (Ezekiel 29:1-5). He was responsible for the prosperity and commerce of Egypt. The crown on Pharaoh’s head has a design of a serpent on top of it, which symbolises the god (leviathan) in the sea the Egyptians worship. God Almighty addressed Pharaoh in Ezekiel 29:1-5, as the great dragon that lieth in the midst of the river. It simply means behind king Pharaoh is a god called leviathan, the great dragon that lieth in river Nile in Egypt. That is why Pharaoh wakes up very early to worship this god in the river. Also, when Moses was born, in an attempt to kill him, an estimate of 2000 – 3000 children was sacrifice to this great dragon. Yet, Moses escaped.

I decree today, you shall surely escape from the power of leviathan confronting your life and destiny in Jesus name. In Exodus 7:1, God told Moses that He had made him a god to Pharaoh. In Exodus 7:15, God told Moses to rise up very early in the morning and go to the river before Pharaoh wakes up, then he should stretch forth his rod towards the river, and when he does that, the battle will become the Lord’s battle. When Moses did that, immediately God went forward and crushed the head of leviathan and the whole river was filled with blood.

Characteristics of the Leviathan Spirit
• He is a deadly spirit: his attack is toxic, venomous and deadly.
• He is destructive: when he comes to attack, he ensures he completely destroys everything. He was responsible for the multiple attack in the life of Job. Job lost everything he had in one day. Job 1:14-20
• Leviathan is a sadist: he is never happy. When he appears on the scene of a man’s life, the joy of that man turns to sorrow. Anytime he sees someone weeping, he is happy. He causes perpetual weeping in the life of his victim.

• Leviathan is responsible for the destruction of the vehicle of destiny in a man’s life: (Psalm 104:25-26): in the sea, there is a sea of life and every man has a ship that will take him to his destination. That ship is called the vehicle of your destiny. If you are alive and have not discovered the vehicle of your destiny, it means you are going nowhere. The day you discovered your vehicle of destiny, you will begin to soar high. Every man has a vehicle of destiny that takes him to his destination.

There is also the spirit of leviathan in the sea of life, waiting to capsize the ship. Most times some ships of destinies are under attack because of the spirit of leviathan. Some ministries had been cut short, marriages, careers, etc. had capsized because of the spirit of leviathan.
• This spirit is very fierce: it means it is violent and merciless. He is happy when there is a fight because he is blood thirsty and he is always happy to see people shedding blood. If you want to deal with him, you must be ready for battle because he is extremely violent and always ready to fight back.
• Leviathan is a proud spirit: is a principality of proudness. The Bible called him the king of the children of pride. When he manifests himself, he does that in a boisterous ways. (Job 41:34)
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