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Created to make a difference


Text: 1 Samuel 17:28-29
God created everybody to make a difference in the world. However, the ladder to attaining this God-given position is full of rigours and little stones of distraction, such that, if courage is thrown to the air, the dream becomes elusive. The text under consideration succinctly summarised the above and the gamut of hatred that besiege a child of God that desires to rise. The indomitable young David who had proved his prowess among lions and bears had come to the scene of battle to assist fight the battle of the Lord, but was ‘talked down’ by his jealous brother, Eliab, who misunderstood his mission for a jamboree. But David refused to be cowed down because he knew his mission was for ‘a cause.’ To every child of God, there is a cause for the impact you are called to make by the Lord. However, such vision/dream will go down the drain, if the Eliab of this world is allowed to come in with discouraging words, contrary to God’s word. Similarly, no Christian should ever succumb to discouragement whatsoever; rather, determination should be the driving force.


Success is for everybody, especially born again Christians. The reason is that Christians are connected to the God of success at the point of salvation. Also, rising to the top and making a difference are embedded in the obedience to God’s word (Joshua 1:8). This explains the fact that success from God is exclusively preserved for born again Christians. To make a difference in the world, discipline is required as it plays a major role. It is an act of being focused in the midst of myriads of distractions around the world. Determination cannot be ruled out as well. It is the ability to press forward amidst all odds and discouragement. With determination, every believer is meant to succeed. In Daniel 1: 8, Daniel was determined to succeed, despite the pressure. Faithfulness is also pivotal to success. It is the shortest road to attaining one’s dreams. This attribute is scarce today, especially among business people.

It is instructive to note that David scaled through barriers and huddles to make a mark in his time. A Christian may not be able to prevent the world from stripping him off his coat of many colours like in the case of Joseph, but don’t allow them to strip you off your determination and resolve. The world may sell you to strangers, but don’t fall for Potiphar’s wife. The world may cast you into prison, but never imprison yourself. Don’t allow the envy of the world stop you from making a difference in the world.


Posterity is waiting for your manifestation as a believer. You may be the deliverer sent to preserve your entire family like Joseph. A dreamer is unstoppable, no matter the pressure. His eyes are fixed on his dreams. He remains immortal, until he achieves his goals!

Pray to make impact and pursue it in line with God’s word. If you are a sinner, give your life to Christ, so you can be fulfilled. Success without Christ produces sorrow.

For further reading: Daniel 1:8; 6:4-5,16,17; Gen. 37:23; 43:28-30; 41:38-44.

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