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Dare to be different


Lawrence Achudume

To be different is to be distinct.
To be different is to attempt things and stand out.
To be different is to choose not to allow others to silence one.
To be different is to choose to refuse to bow to what makes other bow.
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are examples of men that dared to be different.

To dare is to break the norm, to refuse to conform to the status quo; to refuse to accept the popular opinion and move to defend one’s course in life. In other words, before man can dare anything, he or she must have located and identified a course to fight for.

The three Hebrew children operated from this realm of understanding by choosing not to bow to the graven image Nebuchadnezzar erected. Others may bow but they chose not to, because they placed value on their destiny than laws or traditions.


Whatever you place value upon forms your attitude in life. Nebuchadnezzar was powerful but to them, he was not as powerful as their God. King Nebuchadnezzar’s word counted, but to them God’s Word is the most supreme. The king may have power, position, money and influence to offer but to them, all those things are not as weighty as eternal life.

In the word of Corazon Aquinno, “I’d rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life”. Life has no meaning, when a man loses touch with who he was designed to be from the earth’s foundation. In the face of the death they replied. Daniel 3:16-18

It takes a man of knowledge to understand or dare anything. What you don’t know cannot defend you, neither can it fight for you. Confidence in the power of your course can make you behave like a mad man. The same way there is only anger, there is only madness. It is only madness that will make you to see the nature of such a fire and yet agree to be thrown into it. Something must have been moving them and something must have dared them.

People that dare to be different must have removed the cloak of an ordinary life and put on an extra ordinary garment. Sometimes, it is not safe to be seen. I see it as an act of insanity not to flow with the momentum of the hour. Every other people bowed but them, these are the kind of people God is looking out for 2chronicles 16:9.

Men that will dare the hurt, and will refuse to be moved by the threat of the enemies; men that will maintain a single high focus on their destiny. This was the same kind of spirit that was found in Zelophehad’s daughter (Numbers 27:1-7). They broke the force of tradition and refused to be sidelined and dispossessed of their inheritance.
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