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Dealing with strange battles – Part 2


Rev. John Okene

Today, many people are involved in one strange battle or another. Many have died in the course of the battles, while some are still scouting around for solution. There are facts, however, that we need to know about strange battles to help us overcome them. Understand that the more colourful your destiny is, the greater the battles you will fight. Joseph had to go through 13 years of intense battles in order to enjoy 80 years of celebration at the pinnacle of his destiny. I also have gone through battles in my life before God brought me to where I am today. The story of my life is an incredible piece that can keep anyone in awe of our great God. Any tree that will go high up must first get its roots to go deep down in the ground. When the Chinese bamboo is planted, you can water it for a couple of years without seeing any sign of its growth. In a space of about 90 days, however, when it starts to grow, it can spring up to about 90 feet. No matter what you are going through in life, always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So, just keep holding on.


No man wins a battle in the kingdom without violence, Matt 11:12. If you are too gentle, you will never settle. Another fact to note is that you can never outgrow spiritual battles in life. As you grow higher to every new level, there is a new devil you must conquer. Again, if you stay in a spiritually insane environment, you must be insane or else, the enemy will waste you. You cannot be normal, read your Bible normal, pray normal and sow seed normal. No, the Bible says the spiritual man is mad. Similarly, if you stay in a spiritually violent environment, you also must be spiritually violent or else the enemy will use your head as drum in their coven. If you find yourself in an environment where the people are spiritually mysterious, you also must be spiritually mysterious to counter them or else your destiny will be hijacked. The Bible says a spiritual man is a mysterious man (John 3:8). There is a story of a man, whose son attempted to kill him but failed. The son came visiting from the city with a gift of a loaf of bread, but somehow the father was not moved to eat it. Unknown to him, the son had planned to use him for money ritual and when he saw that the bread style was not working, he tried another pattern. He was given a thread to place across the usual path his father takes, but unfortunately for him, the father never passed that path that period because God ordered his steps. You must be a spiritual man.

There are certain occurrences in the life of a man that point out if he will fight strange battles. These are indications or likely causes of strange battles and the first one is placenta issue. You must be very careful who handles the placenta of your children at birth. A young lady who was long overdue for marriage cried to her pastor one day in frustration. After intense prayers, the pastor told her to buy a gift and take to her grandmother, since her own mother had long passed on. When she presented the gift, as her pastor instructed, she asked her grandmother to tell her what happened to her placenta at birth. The witch of a grandmother laughed wickedly and showed the lady the dried-up placenta tied around her waist. The lady’s destiny had been hung up on the grandmother’s waist all these years, and this had been the cause of her setback in life. I pray for you, whosoever has been tying your destiny on their waist, on a tree or in the village, may they receive fire in Jesus name.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
Prayerline: +2348135952623


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