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Dealing with the ruler spirits in the family – Part 2



Deliverance here means the strong man is bound, and then you can live a holy life and walk with God to possess your possession.

For a strong man to conquer and take charge of your family, it could be as a result of your father’s mistakes or yours, etc. Some people became captive of the strong man by choice, so there is a law binding them. When they were going through a particular challenge, for instance, they consulted a witch doctor, who took them to a river to bath them. While that was going on, several incantations were made. They didn’t know what the witch doctor was saying and they kept saying Amen, thereby covenanting themselves to the principalities. In order to get temporary solution, they landed themselves in bigger problems.

For the prey to be delivered from the strong man, there must be war. Contention is inevitable for deliverance to take place.

The strongman in question is called the mighty and for you to conquer the strongman it is not fun fare but involves serious battle. You don’t sit down and say I claim it, because nothing will happen by only claiming it. You must realise you are dealing with the strong man. When the strong man called Leviathan was in charge of Job’s case, Job was confused (Job chapter 41). When you throw stone at the strong man, it’s like you are throwing a straw at him, he will shake it off his body. He is the dragon under the river, the crooked serpent. God called him mighty, but our God is called the Almighty. When the Almighty arises, the mighty bows down. I never forget the story of a brother in Lagos, (Nigeria), who boarded a bus alongside other passengers, including an elderly man, who unknown to everyone, was a witch doctor. Along the line, there was a conflict between the bus conductor and the elderly man over how much to pay as the bus fare. The elderly man pleaded for ₦50.00 while the bus conductor insisted it was a flat rate of ₦100.00. When the elderly man got to his destination, he alighted and handed over ₦50.00 to the conductor. As soon as he turned to go, the conductor grabbed his agbada (flowing gown) demanding for the balance. This resulted in a hot argument and the elderly man, feeling disrespected and embarrassed, brought out a ram horn from his pocket and started making some incantations. With this satanic authority and manipulation, the bus conductor started behaving abnormally.


He pulled off his clothes and was eating grass on the ground. At this point, there was a large crowd of onlookers who pleaded with the elderly man to show mercy on the boy, but he refused and even intensified his evil manipulations. This stirred up a holy anger in the young Christian Brother who was in the same bus and had witnessed the whole scene. He recalled that the Bible says the believers’ authority, backed up by the Holy Spirit, surpasses all satanic powers and so, he made move to intervene in the situation. On seeing him, the witch doctor man felt challenged and wondered what gave this young man the boldness to confront him. Just as he made attempt to extend and exercise his magical powers on the young man, he realised that powers had changed hands. With the believer’s authority, the young man commanded the elderly man to pull off his agbada and he did, to the surprise of the onlookers, while the bus conductor was commanded to receive back his senses and put on his clothes. He was advised to be more respectful and kind to people, especially elderly ones. The young man at this point looked at the witch doctor man and said, if not for the mercies of God, he would have commanded him to run mad. So, he commanded him to come back to his senses. The elderly man at this point acknowledged the power of God, while the excited crowd started singing praises to God. All of these attracted more people to the scene and the young man used the opportunity to preach to the people, winning over 500 souls right there. May your enemies see the power of God in your life in Jesus name.
Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State

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