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Dealing with village spirits

By John Okene
17 October 2021   |   2:25 am
Two of Jesus’ disciples were sent into the village of Bethphage to untie a donkey at a T-Junction. Bible scholars say that the two donkeys were an ass and a colt, which symbolises a mother and her child tied down...

Rev. John Okene

Two of Jesus’ disciples were sent into the village of Bethphage to untie a donkey at a T-Junction. Bible scholars say that the two donkeys were an ass and a colt, which symbolises a mother and her child tied down at the entrance of the village. This explains how some people are tied spiritually in the village, while they struggle in the city to enter their breakthrough. Again, these donkeys were tied at a T-Junction, which represents an evil altar. They were destined great and were meant to be celebrated in the city, yet tied down in the village. The disciples sent to loosen the donkey were challenged by the men who kept watch over the donkey. I pray for you that every power questioning your freedom in life will be silenced permanently and may God visit your village and undo whatever had been done against you in Jesus name.

There are evil altars where destinies of men have been tied. Statistics show that about 70 per cent of the spiritual problems experienced in Africa is traceable to the village. There are remote controlling powers in the village that control men in the city. I never forget the case of a late friend of mine who prayed and struggled for so many years just to travel abroad. Shortly after his arrival, he got a witchcraft summon from his village to return home, as none of his family members was destined to travel abroad. To this effect, the remote controlling prayers manipulated a problem of mistaken identity that resulted in his repatriation.

It is important to know these powers and what they do. They hinder the dreams of men from being fulfilled; they subject men to a life of suffering and backwardness. They turn givers to beggars and make men toil so much in life without progress. They are also responsible for strange afflictions that defy solutions and untimely death. One indication that a man will likely suffer village attack is participation in such village festivals as new yam and age group initiation, where they get involved in some rituals. Another indication is if there are witches in your family. Also, if you are from a polygamous family, there are high chances of having witches and those who consult occultic powers for protection, as everyone lives in suspicion of the other.

A man had 3 wives and 33 children. The witchcraft powers of his house connived and killed the first wife with her 6 children. When his first son sensed what was happening, he ran to me for prayers and then his stepmother started confessing all of her atrocities. May every attack you are suffering as a result of polygamy come to an end in Jesus name. Another indication is when you come from a family of marine worshippers or cultists and if you were dedicated to a village idol or deity. Also, if there are negative patterns among members of your village or family as we see in Jer. 16:1-10. Here, we see that marriages always resulted in divorce or crises.

There was untimely death, constant war and all forms of vices. God told Jeremiah not to marry here, as there were powers maintaining these patterns. There are several signs of village spirit attack and some of them are: seeing or feeling invisible presence around you, lack of concentration at exams and interviews, delay in marriage, dreams of eating with dead relatives, attacks by masquerades and seeing yourself doing your normal activities always in the village. Others are, always leaving projects abandoned and seeing your business in your village in dreams. A young man said he always dreamt of seeing his business opposite his village shrine. How can such a business prosper? Another young man was escorted in the spirit realm by his entire village for a job interview and he lost the job. To overcome these village spirits, you must be born again, live holy and do spiritual survey of your family and village. Deut. 29:29, Eph. 1:17, Dan. 2:22. Engage in spiritual warfare.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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