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Deliverance from bewitchment – Part 2



Text: Deut 18:10-11, Gal 3:1

From the previous edition, we saw what bewitchment was and things that can be bewitched, today we will consider other things that can be bewitched.

An individual can be bewitched. There was a story of a sister whose daughter was in U.S, each time the daughter wants to send her mother money she will send it through her mother’s friend. It happened that when the daughter came visiting, the mother introduced her to a friend of hers, the friend then invited this lady’s daughter to her house, when the daughter returned to U.S, she no longer remembered her mother rather she started sending the mother’s friend money for upkeep and to build a house. The mother’s friend took over the position of the mother while the mother was suffering. We prayed fervently for five months before the daughter came back to her senses. She called her mother to enquire about the buildings and car she bought for her and was shocked to hear that those things were in the possession of the mother’s friend.

Another thing that can be bewitched is a land or property; if a building is erected on a land that is bewitched, any tenant that lives in the house will find it difficult to flourish. In some extreme cases, some persons might even lose their lives while living in the house. I have seen cases of tenants packing into a particular house only for them to lose almost everything including their cars because the house was bewitched.


A certificate can also be bewitched. A bewitched certificate can become a tissue paper. 5 years ago, while I was preaching, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge concerning a particular brother who had applied for more than 1000 jobs without employment. He always get promises that were never fulfilled, the witchcraft powers of his father’s house urinated on his certificate, but “God said that the certificate has been released.” The brother on his way from the church, heard his phone ringing. The caller informed him that for the past one year, the company he applied for was trying to reach him to resume, but they lost his contact. As they were going through their files they stumbled on his contact; hence they are calling him now to resume immediately. That was how the brother story changed after seven years of acting under a spell

There are different instruments of bewitchment, the first one is caldron of darkness. Micah 3:3, Ezekiel 11:3. A caldron of darkness is a satanic pot which could be a clay pot. For some persons, a cooking clay pot is placed on fire to cook the person’s destiny. Sometimes for others, when they were given birth to, their parents will cut their first hair and fingernails and put it in a clay pot with palm oil added to it. This concoction will be kept in a secured location where oil will be poured annually on it. For another group of people, the pot could be buried with a pronounced incantation on it. Ezekiel 11:3-4, 13 shows a high level of bewitchment in which the whole city was bewitched by 25 witches and wizards. They placed the entire city in a caldron and took absolute control over the city and the inhabitants. God told Ezekiel to prophesy and as he did that, the protagonist of the coven called Pelatiah died.

Another instruments of bewitchment is a satanic doll. They can take a doll and summon the spirit of a person into the doll, whatsoever they speak to or do to the doll will manifest physically on the individual. This is practiced in high level witchcraft or voodoo. They can use pin to pierce the doll or effigy and the person will feel the pain physically. Most times when you wake up and discovered either a part of your hair was shaven, fingernail cut or clothes missing, it is an indication that you are under attack by witchcraft powers.

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