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Deliverance from bewitchment – Part I



There is a department in witchcraft known as bewitchment.

Somewhere along the line, many people have been forcefully initiated and kept in that department.

Some have been bewitched to the extent that whenever they do something wrong, they will think that what they are doing is normal.


How do you explain the situation, where a man on his way to the U.S, after bidding his family goodbye, went to Lagos to board a plane, but before getting to the airport, he went to a local restaurant to eat pepper soup, and after taking the meal, his journey to U.S was aborted?

He spent seven years in Lagos because the owner of the restaurant who sold the pepper soup to him bewitched him.

As a result of the spell, he spent seven years living with the woman. His family members were oblivious of his whereabouts. The witch, in a bid to get pregnant, took the young man to a servant of God for prayers.

The man of God looked at them and asked the lady if the man was her husband. She affirmed that he was.

The pastor prayed and said: “O God, let his eyes open” and immediately, the man looked at everyone and asked what he was doing there?

He was told, the woman besides him was his wife and they both came for prayers for fruit of the womb.

The man said the woman was not his wife and explained that he had a wife and five kids and was on his way to the U.S but didn’t know how he ended up with the strange woman.

For seven good years, this man was bewitched.


The word “bewitchment” is coined from two words “be” and “witch”.

The word “Be” means to centre on something, to dwell on something or someone, while “witch” means to cast a spell over someone or something.

Bewitchment simply means focusing on a person or things, so as to use witchcraft to cast magical spell on it.

It could also mean using charms or spell to make someone behave the way he ought not to, or using witchcraft to manipulate someone.

Most times, when a person is bewitched, he or she takes certain actions that will be detrimental to his upbeat.

Just like the prodigal son in Luke 15:17 came to himself.

Anytime the spell used against the bewitched person expires, the person will return to his senses.

Every witchcraft influence or spell over your life expires now in Jesus name.


2 Timothy 3:8 talks about Jannes and Jambres, the Egyptian magicians and sorcerers that hindered Moses, when he threw the rod that turned to serpent.

They were charmers that were into witchcraft and sorcery, and they prevented Moses from revealing the true God to Pharaoh by their magical act.

In Acts 8:9-13, there was a man called Simon. He held people captive through witchcraft and the people ended up doing his biddings.

These people never knew that they were under a spell.

When Phillip began to preach the word of God to them, the scale of bewitchment fell off from their eyes, and they realised that they were under deception for years.

The following are things that can be bewitched. Firstly, a man can be bewitched and the bewitched man will begin to act in a strange manner.

Gal. 3:1. A man can be in a church and yet be bewitched against the truth. He will never accept a Godly counsel.

He can even claim to be right, when he does something wrong.

Secondly, a marriage can be bewitched, thereby, making the couple not to desire each other anymore and look for way to quit.

Also, the hand of an individual can be bewitched. Whatever such hands are laid on will not succeed.

A bewitched hand, no matter how gigantic the business is, will crumble the organisation overnight.

I command every instrument of bewitchment in your life to expire in Jesus name.

Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State

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