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Deliverance from dark powers



In Mark 11:1-3, the Bible says the Ass was ordained to carry Jesus, but was tied down in the village, so that no man could sit on it.

So are some people today, who are physically active, but there is no result for their labour because they are tied down in the village by the dark powers of a coven, marine or occultic kingdom. A man can be born again yet tied in the spirit realm.

There three major things you need deliverance from: The first one is deliverance from the Cord of the Wicked: This was the cord used to tie the donkey in Mark 11:2, which prevented it from moving to the door. This means when a man is tied by such cord, he can’t move forward in life.


During one of our programmes, while praying for a sister, the father spoke through her and said he tied the destines of his three children with a cord kept it in a shelf and threw the key to the padlock into a river, because he didn’t want any of them to fulfil their destiny in life.

The first child ran mad, the second suffered from loss of memory, while the third couldn’t get married. After the prayers, she got her deliverance and she is happily married today. Every cord used to tie you is broken in Jesus name.

The cord can also be used to tie a man’s hands and legs, as seen in the case of Lazarus. When your hands are tied spiritually, you find yourself doing business but not making progress and also not able to walk in and take possession of what belongs to you in the spirit realm because the legs are tied.

Acts 16:24-26 tells us that the bands were used to tie a commissioned apostle. Paul was anointed to preach the gospel, but was bound until he cried to God. Job in (Job 38:8) called it the cord of affliction. If used to bind you, you will suffer affliction, the affliction is not normal but a result of the cord.

In Judges 15:13, Samson’s family said to him, “can’t you see we are slaves to the Philistines, why do you want to set us free?” They bind him with new cord and handed him over to the Philistines. For some persons, they suffer from the cord of family collective captivity, while for some others, they will take a doll to represent them and summon their spirit to appear in the coven. Any power challenging your progress in life, receive fire now in Jesus name.

Secondly, You need deliverance from Evil Garment: your garment shows who you are and determines what is attracted to you.


For example, Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots etc. wear garments that portray their profession. Zech 3:1-5 tells us that Joshua, the high priest, wore an evil garment, which made Satan to accompany him wherever he went and this prevented his breakthrough.

What type of garment are you wearing and what is attracted to you in the spirit realm? In Exodus 2:15-20, Moses wore an Egyptian garment that made the maidens addressed him so. What you wear can give you a wrong identity and deprive you of your breakthrough.

There is also the garment of poverty (no matter what you do you can’t prosper), sorrow (as seen in the case of the widow of Nain in Luke 7:11:16), mourning, terminal illness, as well as grave cloth (as in the case of Lazarus).

Thirdly, you need deliverance from Evil Altars: The dark powers use altar against people, as seen in Mark 11:4. The donkey was tied at a T-junction, which could symbolise the altar for satanic activities.

In Num. 23:4-5. Balak told Balaam to raise an altar to deal with the Israelites. Seven altars were raised and oxen and lambs were slaughtered on them.

An altar is powered by sacrifice to work against the victim. An evil person can take your picture or personal belongings and place on an altar to work against you. Anyone moving from one altar to another to afflict you, may they pay with their own life in Jesus name.

Some of the manifestations of dark powers are: Having suicidal tendency, Dreams of dead relatives, Terminal illness, such as cancer and HIV, Night or Evil visitation, hearing your name being called without seeing who is calling you.

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