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Deliverance from household wickedness – Part 1



Our text tells us a story of a woman called Athaliah. She was the mother of a reigning King that died prematurely. When she saw that her son was dead, she made up her mind to be the next King, despite the fact that no woman had ever been king in Israel at that time. In order t0 fulfil her quest for the throne, she began to kill all her grandsons (heirs to the throne) one after the other. Unknown to her, one of the grandchildren escaped because they hid him from her. She eventually became king in Israel and reigned for 6 years. The kingmaker brought in the hidden grandson, who was already grown up and crowned him as king. That brought about the end of Athaliah’s reign.

There was a story of a young boy, who wrote WAEC exam for 6 years and got F9 in all subjects for six consecutive years. Those he tutored for the same exam were having good grades. The seventh year, he didn’t write the exam, but he received another parallel F9 result in all subjects. He began to wonder that he didn’t write the exam but was sent another F9 result. Then it dawned on him that his case was spiritual, because prior to each exam, he always saw some of his father’s wives attacking him in his dream (the father had 5 wives). He went to his village, anointed a sharp cutlass and held all-night prayer.

While praying, he began to make declarations that “every witch or wizard that doesn’t want him to move forward should die and he demonstratively slayed them with the cutlass. When he was done praying he went to sleep. In the morning while he was about going out, he went to greet his first stepmother. As he got close to her window, he overheard her discussing with his second stepmother. The second asked the first if she was in the coven the previous night, she replied in the negative and she told her that she was lucky because Kunle was cutting people in the coven. If the cutlass had touched her, she would have died. She said immediately the boy threw the cutlass at her, she flew. While they were still discussing, the boy went to them and questioned them for being the forces behind his failures. He promised to physically slay them with the cutlass, if he ever failed his next exam. The following year he wrote the exam and got A1 in all subjects.

We live in a world that wickedness is the order of the day (1 Jn 5:19). I have seen people that are supposed to be great, got killed before their time by evil powers in their fathers’ house. Some people ordained to be at the top are beggars or lunatic on the street because of household wickedness. How can a man be so mean to his mother, deceived her to come stay with him so as to take good care of her and thereafter killed her and hid her corpse in his wardrobe with a calabash in her hands? For two consecutive years, she was vomiting money for him.

Household wickedness has no limit. It ranges from a husband to the wife, to one envious uncle or aunt that is not happy you are making progress and so look for ways to stop you, to a wicked mother-in-law that is not happy with her daughter-in law and therefore look for ways to either break the marriage, kill or lock her womb from conceiving, to suffering loss as a result of the maid you brought to your home.

The reasons why household enemies attack people are as follows: Firstly, they are driven by envy and jealousy, just like Cain who killed Abel. There was a story of a lady, who was having sexual intercourse with her father. When caught and interrogated, she confessed that she was doing it because she envied her mother. The second reason is greed. Greed for money, power and position makes them to sell someone out in the coven to be killed. As seen in our text, Athaliah killed her grandsons because of position. Some persons are ready to do anything for money. Thirdly, they seek revenge. They are motivated by vengeance as seen in 2 Sam. 13:22-30. Some people are attacking you today because of what your father did to them, irrespective of the fact that you are innocent.
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