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Deliverance from household wickedness – Part 2



Text: Micah 7:6
Household enemies are people that are close to you, are of great help to you and they ensure you have absolute trust in them and never suspect them. They know your secret, when you were born, your strengths and weaknesses and also have basic knowledge of your daily routines. They always wear mask whenever they want to attack you so that you can’t detect them.

Their purpose is to terminate lives. Secondly, they truncate people’s destiny so that it cannot be fulfilled. Thirdly, they tend to make their victims useless. Have you ever wondered why somebody will be addicted to drug and alcohol? What will make a young boy or girl not to have the zeal to go to school but would prefer to laze around and expect money to fall on him. When he gets to 40 – 50 years of age, he has nothing to hold onto. No handwork, no certificate yet he wants a job that will pay him five hundred thousand to one million naira. These powers can also make useless a woman’s life by making her flirtatious. She can have 3 children for 3 different men. By the time she is 40 years old, she will want to settle down. This becomes impossible because no young man will want to settle down with a lady that has 3 children from 3 different men. Fourthly, they inflict strange sickness on their victim and even make some to run mad, especially those from polygamous home.

Some of the ways household enemies operate are as follows. First is by cutting your hair to have a strand of it in their possession. These are known as spiritual barbers. When they help you to plait or comb your hair; they secretly cut a few strands of your hair unknowingly to you for their diabolic use. In one of our programs, a sister testified of how her hair was cut spiritually. For 10 years the hair refused to grow, but after deliverance her hair started growing – glory be to God. Secondly, they can collect your nails. Whenever your nails are cut, ensure it’s properly disposed. Thirdly, they can collect your menstrual pad. Sisters should be very careful how they dispose their pad. A sister dropped her pad in the dust bin, as she was going, the Lord spoke to her to go back and pick it. When she went back home she saw her mother licking the blood on the pad. She was shocked and asked her mother what she was doing. Fourthly, they can steal your cloth. In one of our programs, a child confessed that she was a witch and that she was asked to steal her father’s shirt. She mentioned that from the day she took the shirt the father started experiencing poverty.


I pray for you that whosoever is related to you and on an assignment to destroy you, will receive fire in Jesus name.

The following are what you need to do to be free. Firstly, you must be born again. Secondly, you must live a holy life. Run away from sin especially the sin of fornication and adultery. A woman caught her husband sleeping with her relative. When asked, the girl said she was on an assignment to destroy the man. She said, she was able to suck the man’s sperm as blood.
I pray for you, whoever that need to die for your destiny to be fulfilled, may they die now in Jesus name.
Prayer Points

• My father!! As I pray now, every household enemy that will not take their hands off my case, wherever you are, receive fire in Jesus name.

• My father!! Whatever the household wickedness has stolen from my life, hear the word of God, return it now, in Jesus name.

• Yokes of evil cycles in my life in the name of Jesus, break!
• Every covenant of darkness behind evil patterns in my life in the name of Jesus, break!
• Every power assigned to enforce the repetition of evil occurrence in my life in the name of Jesus, die!
• Any tongue rising up against my progress in the name of Jesus be silenced now by fire.
• Ancestral powers troubling my life in the name of Jesus die.
• Foundational problem in my life, in the name of Jesus expire by fire.
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