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Deliverance of the head


James O. James

The Head is the most important part of the visible body. It is the head that gives you identity and makes you recognisable anywhere you go.

A man can lose his two eyes, two legs or two hands and still be alive, but have you ever seen a man without a head alive? No matter how fast your legs or hands can take you, if your head does not co-ordinate their efforts, you are going nowhere in spite of the speed.

The head is the symbol of your destiny and glory. It is the head that wears the crown and crown speaks of power, authority and leadership (positioning).


In Genesis 3:15, the Bible records “So the Lord God said to the serpent, because thou has done this, I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, then you shall bruise his heel”.

There is an everlasting and divine enmity between the man and the devil. The devil is against the head of man because of this established enmity.

In Psalms 23:5, the Bible says “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anointed my head with oil and my cup runs over.” What makes my cup to run over? The anointing upon my head results in my cup being full and running over. I pray that the anointing of God shall fall upon you today and your cup shall run over.

There is a saying that if the head is sick, the whole body will be sick. How true! Note that whatever happens to your head affects your entire body. When a man’s head is under attack many things could happen.

If an arrow is fired at somebody’s head all of a sudden he becomes dull; lacks motivation; sleeps off when reading the Bible, is unable to memorise scriptures because there is an evil deposit in his brain. He will not be able to think properly resulting in confusion.

If he is a married man, he will find it difficult to fulfil his marital obligations to his family.

If the head is under attack, you cannot become what God wants you to be.

Heads that are under attack encounter problems and difficulties. They experience slow or no movement in life! Businesses can close; families can be rubbished and lost entirely; such a person works tirelessly and has nothing to show for it.


Signs that somebody’s head is under attack: –

• Unexplainable Moodiness

• Bad decisions

• Insanity

• Negative thinking

• Forgetfulness

• Lack of interest in others

• Suicidal feelings

• Unreasonable crying

• Poor concentration

• Unexplainable headaches

• Dizziness/ regular fainting spells

• Disorganisation

• Poor planning/ poor finishing

• Confusion

• Dreaming that your head is being pressed down, or your hair being cut or shaved off.


Sources of Head Attack:
• The major source is the laying on of hands either through prayers or by hairdressers or barbers. I once heard the story of hairdressers who claim they make more money selling the water used to wash people’s hair for rituals than the actual hair dressing itself. That is why you must be careful who you allow to touch your head.

• Satanic incisions on the head

• Curses

• Things you put or carry on your head

• Evil arrows fired into the head

• Bewitchment

• Sharing headgear or caps with people can transfer attacks.

• Repentance; do not live a sinful life

• Give your life to Jesus. Don’t live a careless or carefree life without God’s protection. Your life is safer in the hands of Jesus than in your hands.

• Pray fervently


Prayer points:
• O God my Father, whatever I have done that has exposed me to head attacks, please forgive me and deliver in the name of Jesus

•Every evil arrow fired into my head, jump out by fire.

• Arrows of confusion and disorderliness fired into my head, come out by fire

• Every bewitchment of my head arising from laying on of hands be nullified by the blood of Jesus

• Any ritual done with my hair in order to attack my head and destiny backfire in the name of Jesus.

• I declare and decree that my head is free from satanic attacks in Jesus name.

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